I wrote this before but didn't post it till now 'cuz of the whole Pamela thing.

I'm still terribly upset about it. I actually cried.


Saturday July 31

I can't handle it. I can't handle it. We had such a good thing going. We had "It"--the thing that turns mere work into an act of love; that makes success probable, and failure bearable--we had style, we had glamour and fun; we had honesty; we had chemistry.

Now, I just don't know what. The Dodgers' bosses took a gorgeous, weird, number-one team, a team of friends who really knew and respected each other, a team anchored by a brilliant catcher, who also happened to be an ace hitter, and they decided the team would be better off losing its single most important player. Its core. Sure, Gagne's a rock star, but he stands on LoDuca's shoulders. And LoDuca isn't only brilliant; he loves Los Angeles.

I don't know shit about baseball whatsoever; I didn't even know that they traded players in the middle of the season. What the fuck is up with that? That's like dumping your girlfriend in the middle of summer or right before Christmas: It's out-of-sync with the rhythms of nature. You dump your loser jerk boyfriend or girlfriend between New Year's and June.

And if your boyfriend or girlfriend is a totally kickass genius team-player who helps you to be more happy and fun and successful, you don't dump them. You marry them. And you ride out the ups and downs of the season together.

I sound like a female Tony Pierce; it's so weird. I don't mean to.

This is from the Dodgers' official corporate website, so I can only imagine how outraged everyone must actually be:

"The trade rocked the clubhouse, where the Dodgers have credited their close-knit chemistry as one factor in their success.

'There's a lot of sad faces in here,' said veteran Jose Lima. 'I don't want to create a war, but breaking up a first-place team, wow, that's something. We accomplished this together. We overcame adversity, people not believing in us. I don't make the decisions.'

Shawn Green agreed.

'Right now, it's hard to fathom,' he said."

I didn't used to like LoDuca because I thought he was just a cocky dope. But I came to understand that he's salt of the earth: He's the guy you want as your older brother; and even if he were your little brother, he'd live like your older brother. He's Johnny on the spot, with a good heart.

"Paul Lo Duca cried and talked openly about the pain of leaving the only organization he has ever known. 'I always dreamed about being a Dodger for my whole life, having a 20-year career, but I guess it didn't happen. It's tough, so many friends I've made along the way. The fans in L.A., they treated me so well. It's tough.'"

I predict after they fire Jim Tracy, Paul LoDuca will be back.

That's who they really should have traded. Traded him for a funny monkey with a tiny organ that plays "She Bangs."


i am an Angel fan. BUT- i did grow up watching the dodgers cuz they were good. this trade is no different from the time they sent Piazza off. that trade broke up incredible chemistry and in my opinion their community approval was only JUST now getting back to normal. LA will like Brad Penny, but they LOVED Lo Duca. i hate tracy. please fire him.
good timing! brad penny pitch a gem last night and william hung is in the Times today cuz he's singing She Bangs in China.
mays said…
Just a small clarification.
Jim Tracy doesn't make trades. He may have approved of them, but the General Manager, Paul DePodesta, conceived of and executed the trades of which you speak.
Thanks for listening. Baseball geek now signing off.

Oh, and Kate, keep up the good work. It's been awhile since I've posted but I've been keeping tabs. Love the radio show and am starting to like the new blog format too...
kate said…
i never said tracy makes the trades, dude.
mays said…
Then why suggest firing him?

For what it's worth, this tendency of the Dodgers to ship off their most popular players goes way back to Hodges, Garvey, Piazza, et al--the list is long. It's part of the franchise's character, though the Dodgers not terribly different from other teams in the league in this matter of loyalty. But it rankles. That's why I shifted my loyalty a few years ago to my new first love, the wondrous Minnesota Twins. You oughta give them a looksee when you're in town next.
magma said…
"New first love," gosh that's lovely...
kate said…
i want them to fire tracy because the players hate him, and that's good enough for me.

anyway, who's going to minneapolis? i am confused. i am not going to minneapolis, unless you know something i don't.

los angeles and minneapolis are my two homes and i prefer not to choose between them.
mays said…
I did not mean to suggest you choose between them--I just suggested you check out the Twins next time you happen to be in Mpls. Course that means going to the Metrodome, and its teflon sky cannot at all compete with the sun setting behind the smog choked hills beyond Dodger stadium's rightfield bleachers.
(You see, LA and Mpls are my two homes too, one reason among many why I enjoy your writing so much.)

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