Saturday, November 27, 2004

Buenos Tacos, Doritos:

What a fab Saturday. It's rainy and I'm doing laundry. Everything's green out my windows, plus I bought a used DVD/VHS combo last night for 25 bucks through Craig's List. This cute guy in Los Feliz. I can't believe how incredibly tricked out my house is now. I have every major appliance normal people have.

1. microwave my mom told my brother to get for me when my stove broke and she felt sorry for me, plus she always thought I should have a "micro," as she calls it.

2. eco-friendly mini-dishwasher my landlords long-term loaned to me since it doesn't fit on their counter. I love the sounds it makes when it's washing dishes.

3. cute new-to-me stove (thanks, landlords!)

4. fridge

5. TV inherited from high school sweetheart and former roommate, Jake (thanks, Jake!)

6. VHS and DVD player, from Craig's List guy

7. sexy turntable and old-fashioned tube receiver/radio (with KMET sticker on it) and cool old speakers that sound rad, especially playing oldies. From St. Vincent dePaul, with help from Ken, who knows more about these things than I do.

8. Fabulous washer/dryer (long-term/quasi-permanently loaned to me by Jeff, who inherited it from Shannon and Justin; thanks! The sound of laundry in the dryer is maybe one of my top five all-time sounds. My landlord Bernard even built a little house for it, for days just like this one, and I hung a really cool "shabby chic" retro-tropical shower curtain on it, which doesn't look bad even though it sounds bad.)

9. loveable computer, which I think is also now officially "shabby chic," as it's like a 2001 blue imac, the cheapest one they made, OS 9.

10. "shabby chic" dog (who, by the way, is developing a troubling Linda McCartney mullet)

In fact, pretty much the only major appliance I don't have is a proper CD player. The one I have, a gift for my 24th birthday from my brother when we lived in Prague, is spitting up its last little bits of lasers and static, and only responds to physical abuse.

The other MAJOR APPLIANCE I don't have is any of the BEST OF THE DEAN MARTIN VARIETY SHOW DVDS OR TAPES that Regis Philben does the infomercials for.


So, to recap: if anyone's wondering what to get me, ever, I am interested in DEAN MARTIN VARIETY SHOW tapes or DVDs.

Now, the catch is, this kind of gift requires a lot of love and affection, because it's not sold in stores. As far as I know, the only place to get it, besides the commitment-heavy mail order thing ( is on eBay.



PS: I also read the new Rolling Stone today and enjoyed it very much. It's much better now that they don't have sluts on the cover every time. Two years ago, they would have put Destiny's Child on the cover instead of just reviewing the record. Anyway, the interview with Eminem was fascinating. I'm glad something has apparently changed over at Rolling Stone, and I hope they stick with it, and I hope they get savvy about expanding their subscription base and I hope they continue to be something readable.

Friday, November 26, 2004

Buenos Nachos, amigos:

Just saying hi on a quiet holiday Friday with nothing to do but drink ginger beer and stare at my new Hello Kitty screensaver, in which a floating teddy bear angel emits a pink heart from his bottom, and demurely covers his mouth with his paw.

More Hello Kitty, all the time.

If anyone has a VRC they're getting rid of, lemme know, as mine has croaked.

Keep the faith,


Monday, November 15, 2004

Almond Joy

An update on the previous entry. My new email for contacting me and whatnot is



Friday, November 12, 2004

In the words of Andre 3000, all right all right all right all right all right all right all right all right!

Some of you may know, the reason I've been away is that the day after the election, I was informed that the funders of Pop Vultures decided to pull the plug.

You can still hear our 13 pilots on the website, and you can also try streaming our last 9 shows at the Public Radio Exchange, and read all the reviews. We just got a really groovy review from a guy named Bill McKibben, who wrote the book "The End of Nature" and was a staffer at the New Yorker:

"Is there some reason that this show isn't on public radio every week, every station? It's really really good--a child of the 'This American Life' era of radio, with the great transitions., perfect pacing, and a sound that somehow combines polish and comfortable familiarity (as opposed to fakey intimacy). But I would guess its prime audience would be a few years younger, which is just what we want, no? And it's about a world that older listeners should understand too. It makes listeners work a little bit--it's about five minutes into most shows that you've figured out enough about the subject to feel comfortable. But I like doing that work."

Aw, shucks.

I invite anyone who liked the show to leave a comment or email me at, as I want to compile a list of friends-and-relations to keep updated on my future endeavors. The Vultures are a family and a team now, and it would be a shame to lose touch.

Speaking of friends-and-relations, I'd like to thank, in no particular order, some of the many beautiful people who helped or inspired our show: the wonderful Jay Allison, Ira Glass, Jeff Hansen, Eric Nuzum, Garrison Keillor, Mary McGrath, David Schulman, Brendan Greeley and everyone at PRX and Transom, Brian Quinn at WUMB, Third Coast Audio Festival, Stefan Sigerson, Weba and Mark at Catasonic Studios, 90.5 The Night, Eric Walter and Brett Baldwin at MPR, Matt Holzman at KCRW, Tim Riley, Tim Slusher, Amy Carlson Gustafson, Pete Scholtes and Melissa Maerz, Brian Siewiorek, Jim Walsh, Debbie Beukema, Kristy Guevara Flanagan and her boyfriend, my family, Bernard Elsemere and Julie Fowells, Sloopy, Toby Tyler Circus Boy a.k.a. Sir Toby Belch, Dan Reines, the staff at Amoeba Records, Electric Fetus Records, Jeff Barry, Tommy James, Herman's Hermits, John Lennon, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, John Peel, Mr. Rogers, Car Talk, Cosmic Slop, Howard Stern, Fantasia, Eric Gagne and, most of all, the Vultures:

Anaheed Alani, Garth Belcon, Hillary Churchill, Vince DeLorca, Baz Dreisinger, Eric Gordon, Liam Lynch, Benno Nelson, Eric Nuzum, Ian and Zoe Rogers, Chrissy Shannon, Axel Steuerwald, Dan Sullivan, Vinnie and Stardusters, Matt Welch, Jeff Whalen, Lauren Whitesnake and Honorary Vulture Ben Sullivan, my brother.

And MOST most of all, everyone who put us on the air from Seattle to Tuscaloosa, and everyone who tuned in, whether you loved us so much you had to wait in your driveway to hear the very end, or hated us so much you just couldn't stop listening.

rock on brothers and sisters!


Monday, November 08, 2004

don't read me but read tony. he says:

"yes mariah, tsar will be on national tv on monday

yes they dont have a cd coming out any time soon.

yes they are no longer on disney-owned hollywood records who are more interested in pimping out the new hillary duff cd because of her scary talent.

yes they are recording their third cd as we speak

and yes i was invited to go to the taping but it happens too early in the evening for me to attend but i still wanted to let you know that

yes, tsar will be on the Late Late Show, formerly hosted by craig kilbourn.

how did this happen?

how did an unsigned band who does not have an album out does not have a video out is not on any world tour get a national tv opportunity?

because Tsar really is that good

and their legend and majesty matches up with their live shows.

and because when they played the Late Late Show a few years ago they rocked the house.

and because when one of the big wigs of the show saw a beautiful young woman wearing a tsar tshirt he said, "wow, Tsar, my favorite band. those guys are destined for fame really soon."

and the woman said, "i think so too, but i might be the wrong person to ask as my husband is their manager."

and the big wig said, "have your husband call me, i'd love to have them on the show."

and thats how things are done in LA, it all matters who you know and how hard you rock.

so America, heres your chance to see rock history

the first time an unsigned band will perform on national tv despite not having anything to sell

other than love.

tune in Monday November 8 around midnight on CBS to see Tsar on the Late Late Show

you'll be better because of it.

yes, even you mariah."