Thursday, May 27, 2004

My Girl

I broke my shoe.

I'm so happy today I'm going out and making "Fantasia Forever" and "I'm Gay 4 Fantasia" T-shirts. Everyone is going to want one.

I'm happy for Fantasia and for everyone who loves her. This is one thing that's for sure definitely right with America today.

Also, her menswear look is unstoppable.

It's difficult to find cool, sexy menswear for girls. I have tried. Big fashion high fives to Fantasia for doing menswear better than Madonna.

I'm so sick of Madonna.

Finally, I have a new idol. Who I really idolize.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Fantasia Forever

How hot is Fantasia? Oh my God.

This is the look she gets when she sings; it's a look no one else in the world gets when they sing.

She's a fierce and dangerous singer.

Fantasia is my very favorite person in the world right now. I mean, next to my beloved friends and family. Fantasia is my one and only favorite Fantasia, and if you get it, you know how much that means. I wanna thank Fantasia for unzipping her heart every week and letting us see what's in there.

Also, I wanna thank her for crying whenever she feels like it, which is every day, because it's about time people knew it's possible to be fierce and tender all at the same time.

The best people are.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

i heart summer

Today I would like to pay tribute to Elvin Jones, the great jazz drummer, who just died. He lived to the age of 324, in bebopper years. Unfortunately, in human years, he was only 76.

Elvin Jones was a sort of sorcerer of rhythm. Or maybe he was a sort of string theorist. He specialized in "polyrhythms," which, as far as I can tell, represent the voice of the Creation itself.

Elvin Jones is best known as the drummer for John Coltrane. I was lucky enough to see him play in a small club in 1991, when he was still touring and way on top of his game. I was not much for drums; but seeing him was like watching someone open a secret door in the air and exposing a wonderland. I never knew there were so many rhythms buried inside of other rhythms, and I never knew beats coiled around each other like DNA. His music may have been the original inspiration for my theory that music is actually a dimension of time-space.

Thank you to Elvin Jones for going where no American, certainly, has ever gone, before or since--all the way down inside the serpent!

Hooray for Elvin Jones.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Jeff Barry...

Is my hero. Here's what musician Artie Butler had to say about working with him:

"I learned so much about making records from Jeff Barry. What I learned from Jeff is something that you do not learn in any school anywhere. He taught me how to throw away the rules and go for the ‘feel.' We were recording Connie Francis for MGM Records and had been in the studio for about two hours working on one song. Jeff said he loved what we were playing but he was not happy with the sound of the kick drum (bass drum back then). The drummer tried everything he knew to make it work.

Jeff was looking for something that he could not describe to us. He gave the band a break. On the break, Jeff was walking around the lounge with a timpani mallet in his hand banging on everything he could find that could perhaps give him the sound he was looking for. A desk drawer, a chair, a pillow etc. I actually remember him taking a Manhattan phone book and trying it also. About fifteen minutes later he said, 'Artie, bring the band back in. I’ve got it.'

Jeff walked into the studio with a plastic trash can which he had emptied. He turned it over and hit it with the mallet. It was just the sound he was looking for. It sounded great. It had a deep tone and it had enough attack to it so it would punch through the guitars and bass. He knew exactly what he wanted to hear. We made another take or two and Jeff ended the session. He was delighted. On that day I learned a very valuable lesson. Never stop reaching for and trying new things, and never ever settle. Stay creative. Sometimes a musical problem can be solved in a very unorthodox way."

tuesday's child

Is full of beer. Or so I have read.

There's a new episode of Pop Vultures that is now my favorite. It's about Awards Shows and Beyoncé.

I feel it is the best show we've done.




Sunday, May 16, 2004


the old blog is hiding and you know where to find it, of course. i couldn't ultimately bring myself to kill it completely. but heck.

don't know yet what this blog will be. maybe it won't be anything. maybe it'll merely be a place to post lyrics from my favorite pop hits.

it will certainly be different from the old blog.

that's good. it feels good to kill things every so often.

gardeners know about this.

george harrison was a gardener.

a smoker, a gardener, a songwriter and a movie producer.

creativity is happening, man.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

so, the tired thing. can't get out of bed thing. i decided to attribute it to:

1. our fag president

2. the tragedy of war

3. my shame and sense of responsibility for unspeakable atrocites committed against innocent, terrified people

4. george huff's loss on last week's idol

5. delayed grief over sloopy

6. the sense of woundedness as a patriotic American; the feeling that somehow America, the America I love and am proud of, has been raped. Everything the founding fathers wanted our country to have, to make us special, everything every great American political visionary has fought for: democracy, freedom of information, a kind of spiritual liberalism deeper than political affiliation, and yes, patriotic pride. But not ugly hegemonic pseudo-patriotism. I'm talking about quiet dignity. I love my country, but I never wanted it to dictate popular culture for any other country, or political life for another country. Much less the shit that's going on.

7. but you know, hang on sloopy, and all. i've got a lot of love in my life and i'm blessed like crazy.



Monday, May 10, 2004

tired beyond words. more than words. is anybody else sleeping hours during the day, sleeping entire saturdays, so heavy tired deep down in the body you can't do but one or two things in a day?

too tired to blog.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

gawd just watching the damn friends finale i had to accidentally see the most disgusting bloody gory promos for other tv shows on this week--

i didn't ask for that

like i didn't ask to see a severed head in a cardboard box the one time i tried to watch alias

nobody told me i'd be seeing bodies cut up like that on normal network tv.

so what's so wrong about a dumb old boob. look i know the janet thing is so over, but i never said anything about it at the time. i'm pissed off that i have to see so much shit that disturbs me, and no one cares at all.

that's all.

and by the way, am i in a dream or is everything possible going wrong for george w. bush? just for example, was i dreaming or did i hear on clear channel-owned knx am that colin powell is divorcing him?

maybe i dreamed that one up last night.

i must have dreamed it.

i must have dreamed that people are calling for rumsfeld to be fired. i must have dreamed that.

don't wake me up just yet.

Yeah Man, I know:

So yeah. Let's see. I lost a week because my friend John came to visit from Minneapolis, and I had to show him a good time. We went to the Dodgers, complete with smashing victory and Farmer John Cinco de Mayo fireworks; the IMAX movie about bugs (sponsored by Terminix!); and then drove through South Central. And saw the Watts Towers. I also took him to Oki Dog for hangover magic, as well as the Brite Spot, which has gotten ever so hip--but kind of in an OK way. We also went to Little Joy Jr.'s, which is just like Bob Dylan--dreadful some nights, uplifting on others. We caught it on a good night.

Generally it was a week of me falling in love with my hometown, the beautiful city of Los Angeles, all over again.

I'm getting psychologically prepped for the upcoming earthquake, too. Have you started your earthquake kit? It's time, my love.

What else? Oh yeah, Indie 103 has started playing Tsar, as they should---they're so into it they're playing it even though it hasn't even come out yet. See, that's how radio used to work. They would play a record not because of any reason at all, except that they love it. At least that's how kroq used to work for about 15 minutes back in the Day.

So everybody who can't wait for Tsar's record to come out, and for them to start playing more songs---how about "Superdeformed"?--should CALL THE STATION! It's easy and fun and you can flirt with the DJ. or leave a message.


Also, Tsar is playing a ridiculous fun show Wednesday at Spaceland. Somehow the LA Weekly somehow managed to forget that L.A.'s raddest, funnest band is playing, with smoke, wizards, confetti and (I've heard) a flying car, but oh well!

xo and stuff,


Sunday, May 02, 2004

Yes Indeed, children of the six-string razor:

I feel satisfied not to be at Coachella today, where it looks to be about 102Âș today. Yes indeed. It's more civilized to stay inside all day, and then, when the sun turns kind in the late afternoon, take a soul-cleansing shower and make that date. Like last night I went to the Dodgers game with my buddy John, who's visiting from Minneapolis, and my landlords. It was a good game for several reasons, most especially the Cinco de Mayo fireworks show afterward, wherein we got to go down to the field and stare up at fireworks while lying on the very ground where superhotty heartthrob Shawn Green stands, looking all bored and nonchalant, leaning on one hip and futzing with his mitt. You can see his underwear through his pants. He's just too hot. After the game, when we got back to my place, I looked him up on the Internet and it turns out he's married. When I found that out, I kind of lost my heart for the night. It took the wind out of my little sloop-sails and suddenly I felt tired, and didn't want to go out. It's pathetic but I think somewhere in my heartland I truly hoped that I would somehow meet him and we would have this sports-music connection and, you know, one thing would lead to another. Not that I'm into sports, because I'm not---but that we're both passionate about somewhat similar human systems--pop and sports.

I'm really not into sports but Julio got me into the Dodgers, and after hearing all about Shawn Green for a year, and not thinking Shawn Green was at all hot, suddenly over the past week it's clicked into place. Shawn Green is intensely alluring. He looks like a singer-songwriter, not a sports star. As I told John, I can picture him with long hair, an acoustic guitar, and a heroin problem.

I bumped into a stadium supervisor at the game, and asked him if the Dodgers have groupies like NBA guys. He said, Oh hell yeah. I said, who has the most groupies? He said, Me. I said, does Shawn Green have groupies? And he said, Yeah, my daughter!

If you're married to an NBA guy, you pretty much know for sure that you're sharing your man with hoochie mamas coast to coast. But I wonder about baseball, the least sexual sport. I once read an article about NBA groupies. They're hard core. They're much harder-core than rock groupies. Rock groupies are just sluts who've found a way to feel cool and worldly while living in Tuscaloosa. But NBA groupies are professionals, man. The competition is fierce and they actually make a living by being groupies. And they fly all over to see the games. And they all know each other.

Anyway, I'm curious about how/if it works in baseball. Does anybody know?

I have to go to the movies now.

This too is civilized.

OK bye.