Thursday, November 10, 2005

dudes etc.

i have a column now at the l.a. weekly called "rock & roll love letter," after the bay city rollers song (and album) of the same name. this is my latest shit:

1. a satirical piece on the suicide girls

2. a jokey thing on the glut of old bands reuniting, which was really a joke on myself since i'm the biggest sucker of all time for old bands.

i also wrote a piece on my fully nutty high school, immaculate heart

and this piece on getting totally busted in high school at the hollywood bowl.

finally, this was a fun one to do: an ode to L.A. smog in pop music.

this is why i never do the blog anymore.

plus, love.


Tuesday, October 04, 2005

quick note... i wanted to acknowledge the death of august wilson, who wrote fences and many other plays about american life. i know my dad must be sad, if he's heard (he's on a trip), and i know a lot of people must be sad. especially in minneapolis and st. paul. darth vader must be sad. i'm sure he's crying. james earl jones was great playing the dad in fences. that was kind of a baseball, father/son tragedy comedy musing on generational differences. i interviewed august wilson once about colorblind casting, and he laid out an inspiring vision for a more beautiful american theater and more beautiful america.

thanks for being a great american, mr. wilson.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

i feel love:

oh my goodness. first of all i'm sorry for never writing anymore. i may write more as things become more relaxed and routinized, in a good way, in my life. however, i had to tell you something that made me happy. first of all, i interviewed donna summer today. wow! as if that weren't cool and fun enough, she told me i had a cute voice.

this has got to be one of the coolest things, interview-wise, that's happened to me.

i have to get back to work now.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Now, this is a lede. Roger Ebert is now my favorite living critic, in any genre, and it happened all at once. Everything he writes is clean, engaging, thoughtful, soulful, and wry. This is just one example.

The Dukes of Hazzard

BY ROGER EBERT / August 5, 2005

"The Dukes of Hazzard" is a comedy about two cousins who are closer'n brothers, and their car, which is smarter'n they are. It's a retread of a sitcom that ran from about 1979 to 1985, years during which I was able to find better ways to pass my time. Yes, it is still another TV program I have never ever seen. As this list grows, it provides more and more clues about why I am so smart and cheerful.

Or this, from the Sahara review:

BY ROGER EBERT / April 8, 2005

... I treasure the movie's preposterous plot. It's so completely over the top, it can see reality only in its rear-view mirror. What can you say about a movie based on the premise that a Confederate ironclad ship from the Civil War is buried beneath the sands of the Sahara, having ventured there 150 years ago when the region was, obviously, damper than it is now?

Matthew McConaughey plays Dirk Pitt, the movie's hero, who is searching for the legendary ship. Dirk Pitt. Now that is a name. Dirk Pitt. Or Pitt, Dirk. Makes Brad Pitt sound like William Pitt.


Roger Ebert has rhythm. Rhythm cannot be taught, I'm afraid. Rhythm is the alpha and omega of syle. The great critic George Bernard Shaw said that "effectiveness of assertion" is the alpha and omega of style: "He who has nothing to assert has no style and can have none." Fair enough, but incomplete. Plenty of people have something to assert, and no style with which to do so.

Rhythm is the alpha and omega of style.

Rhythm, rhythm, rhythm.

Do you hear me?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


not just bragging; the la weekly music awards were some kind of l.a. love triumph and to describe them in detail at the moment would be beyond my powers... jeff "be my baby" barry shaking hands with brian wilson.... rodney talking with art laboe.... punk rock robots bumping into members of x backstage and smoking up the place as jeff "sugar sugar" barry feigned shock... beautiful women singing nine-part a capella harmonies of deathless who songs,,, hard core porn... x dedicating "soul kitchen" to their producer, ray manzarek... jim freek... a 'hee sop choi' chant... spinderella playing britney and "push it"...

i couldn't be more proud of my hometown.

otherwise, if i start bloggin again, which might happen, i will be challenged, as my policy is a very un-tony pierce like no-kiss-and-tell rule; as it happens, the sun shines in my eyes, and i wish to sing to heaven and earth of the supreme beauty of the one i love. i love.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

yeah yeah yeah, i know.... it's been two months. so sue me! what will you get?

every single fucking record that's come out in the last two months, and a really cute dog.

i've been really busy doing like two or three major things at once--the sorts of things that individually can take up nearly all of a person's psychic energy. except i've been doing them all at the same time.

best things that happened to me lately:

being given 24 dollars with the instructions to buy myself flowers.

buying huge silvery glamour sunglasses.

interviewing the great Jeff Barry, at long last, and preparing to give him an award this Tuesday at the L Weekly Music Awards.

they're gonna be great!

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Welp, though I can't write much, it's probably time for me to at least let you know I'm alive. "And the world shines for me today!"

Look, I'm not much for personal revelation but there's no denying I am a lucky girl with a lot of love in my life.

And now once again I have to run.


Sunday, April 17, 2005

Friends, muffin men, soldiers of fortune:

Please understand my absence and forgive and pray for me. As you know from my Stryper incident I am a strong believer in the power of prayer and I ask you to pray for me now. I'm really happy but so very stressed out and maybe you could take a second to pray to the god of Chill to make me feel more relaxed and relaxed.

Matt said I should post my articles up here so here goes. I wrote this article about my new heroines, Tegan and Sara, whose record "So Jealous" makes me indescribably happy.

"I love the rock & roll!"

and i love you.


Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Sunday, March 27, 2005

It’s 7 p.m. on Friday evening and Billy Idol is sitting at Tower Records, signing stuff for a crowd of about 500 fans. I think you’d have to call them hardcore fans--they've been lined up for a couple hours, anyway, which is kind of a heavy thing to do, when you think about it. Idol's sitting at one of those long folding tables with his guitarist/musical partner Steve Stevens to his right and the rest of the band stretching down the table.

Someone's just handed Billy a 1980s book of photographs from Rolling Stone, asking him to sign his shot. The rock star, the bodyguard, the guitarist, the fan and the reporter all lean in for a peek... It's Idol with his naked butt to the camera, wearing a holster

Monday, March 14, 2005

dude: i don't mean to be mean, and i'm sure the men will all agree with me on this, but don't you think it's kind of weird how men have hair growing out of their cheeks?

i was just reading tony's blog and he mentioned shaving this morning and it just occurred to me. what a strange thing to have coming out of your face.

pero los queremos.

lo siento que no he escrito mucho... tengo tanto trabajo! no creo tan mucho! y no para, nunca... podria trabajar cada hara, cada dia. manana voy a entrevistar con Marianne Faithfull, ciertamente una de mis entrevistas mas cool. tambien lo siento que estoy escribiendo (mal) en espanol, pero a veces es necesario hablar en otra lengua. una lengua no esta basta. necesito mas palabras!

quiero preguntar a marianne faithfull: cree usted en dios? reza usted a dios?

tiene miedo de la muerte?

y que piensa de los otros musicos que estan trabajando con musicos mas jovenes: como Loretta Lynne, Brian Wilson y Nancy Sinatra?

Y que piensa de shawn green?

ok bye


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Home Squeeze

The Good News is, the Supreme Court decided children shouldn't be killed by the government.

The Bad News Is: Four out of nine judges thought a juvenile death penalty was a good idea.

I guess that's what you call pro-life.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

r u the Corn Clown?:

look, it's not as if i didn't know the dodgers were starting spring training. it's that i still can't stomach the thought of a life without Shawn Green. and i'm not kidding you when i say that i cried.

and i know damn well i'm not alone. the dodgers without shawn green is like the beatles' discography without 'let it be'--maybe a bit more solid, but so much less fun.

no, i'm not ready to talk about the dodgers.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

disturbing email today from paul mccartney... he's going to start selling some of his solo catalogue to commercials... i am confused about this: why make an announcement? why not just do it?

and why do it in the first place?

i thought one of the rewards of becoming rich was not having to warholinate your art.

i fear he may think this is the only way young people will come to know his music. why this man has any insecurities about music at this point is one of the seven sad mysteries.

just because all the young people are doing it doesn't mean it's good. and they're just doing it for exposure and/or money, neither of which paul needs.

oh, paul.

i have spent the past month listening almost exclusively to ram and red rose speedway.

i just read ozzy saying he's been spending qt with mccartney (the first solo one; awesome... 'ooo you!')

and he just played the superbowl.

how can paul be insecure?

oh, PAUL!

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Speaking of cute guys who make my life better every day, every week through their sheer radness (see also: "OC" entry below): This is Evan Williams (right, with Tony Pierce). He is not only cute, he started Blogger. Can you say Angel? Can you say Genius? Can you say Wow?

Thank you Evan Williams for helping me start a new life just when i needed it.


Thursday, February 17, 2005

can you live without this? you can? i can't.

Top 13 reasons I love The OC, or, "Anaheed, you were so right!"

1. you know how on normal soaps, no one ever watches tv? on the OC, people watch TV all the time... and they do it with the same glazed look normal people have when they watch tv.

2. summer's favorite show is a teen drama called "the valley" about a kid who just doesn't fit in in tarzana. "The valley"'s season-one dvd came out the same week as "the OC"'s, and she made her new bf watch it.

3. you know how in real life no one ever goes over to someone's house to talk about things, they just call each other or email? on the OC, people ALWAYS go to each other's houses, or meet at some picturesque spot on the balboa boardwalk. it's fake but makes for great tv.

4. seth cohen stops eating and sleeping when he's obsessing over his ex, summer. he embarrasses himself horribly in front of her. and when he found out she and her new guy hadn't had sex yet, he got a beatific look, spread his arms wide and laid back on his bed in satisfied silence.

5. summer and seth's relationship rings true to me.

6. we never see summer's parents. they're like parents on the peanuts. it's actually a joke.

7. the parents are even more fucked up than the kids, which is a sad truth we never see reflected on tv.

8. marissa, the main female character, is a bit of a drunk. as much as i loved "bev 90210," they never dared make a main character that complex. marissa is complex, and she drinks for plausible reasons: she has utterly dreadful parents.

9. summer is still in love with seth, but she is a realist and does not stand for any self-indulgent nonsense that hurts her heart. she moves on as best she can, making seth suffer in a medicinal way.

10. white people are rarely cool enough to generate pop cultual fun such as catchphrases. "the oc" generated the phrase "the oc," which even people in oc now use.

11. bev never dared to make a main character gay. marissa is in a lesbian relationship now. the scene tonight when she told her best friend, summer, was so sweet and real. and the actress who plays her love interest really looks at her with genuine lust.

12. like a real normal neurotic creative kid, seth is so obsessed with his own romantic tragedies that he is completely totally oblivious to anything going on outside himself, including his parents' recent marital troubles.

13. marissa reads MOJO.

there are more reasons, such as the show's infatuation with comic books; or the marvelously nuanced relationship between seth's parents; or its complex take on the worst kind of oc greed and corruption. (dig that dude who just got indicted for fraud today! straight outta the oc!)

(the show is probably best known for its indie rock soundtrack; and while it's great they promote independent, unknown musicians, I actually i think the music could use some work.)

anyway. the show is made with as much care and attention to detail as the simpsons or, heck, MOJO magazine. knowing what that means, and what it requires, and knowing how few tv shows do that, makes my heart go out to them. i honestly don't know how they do it every week.


Tuesday, February 15, 2005

my mom just told me... i was reading her some mars volta song titles, and she said it reminded her of when she was in high school in pipestone minnesota, farming town pop. 5,000 near the south dakota border, in 1951, she and her friends had a literary journal called "psychotica," with heavy poetry and such.

dig my mom. wow.
well i have no idea what i just did but i did the rss thing. what does it mean?

also this podcasting idea. i would need a computer, a microphone, and protools of some sort to do that, wouldn't i? oh, and that other thing i've heard about, that "time" thing?

who wants to be my engineer so i can just sit and talk into a mic and drink irish coffees?

Monday, February 14, 2005


andrea: what's an rss feed?

cara mia: i feel you, lady pie. i feel you! the only comfort in this situation, which seems paltry but is actually the whole deal, the whole turkey sandwich with a snapple, is that your gut tells you it's right. your gut.

sole brother ben: you are 2 much!

everyone: i love you, ya lil fuckers.


Wednesday, February 09, 2005

anonymous commenters, as mentioned previously, are welcome to fuck themselves. thank you nicely. anyone can write anything they like in the comments so long as they have the courage to put their name on it, as i do, and any normal commenter.

and now, enough negativity.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

hey beautiful

i got a new job, as editor of the LA Weekly music section. i can't talk about it too much because A) i'm too busy doing it to talk about it and B) i got a fortune cookie that said "speak less of your goals, you will accomplish more of them."

this has to do with the physics of work. remember when i was doing my radio show? no? well, that's because i never blogged about it when i was doing it or getting ready to do it. same deal.

same with boys; you don't speak of such things at the beginning.

anyway i'm tickled pink about it and having fun. plus, my office is awesome. i have a window overlooking a really seedy stretch of sunset blvd. with an old prostitute motel across the street that they have to turn into a historical landmark. and the old "tired showgirls"--my nickname for those long tall skinny palmtrees that always list toward the west... reaching toward sunset. i got a whole row of em out there in the sky.

got to run



Friday, February 04, 2005

hey sunflowerman:

welcome to friday!

just a little side note for future reference: anonymous commentors to this blog are welcome to fuck themselves. (tony, teach me how to block them, pretty please?) and by the way, of course Lester Bangs was an editor at Creem. I'm so sure. He was also a freelancing slut who would write for anyone who'd let him, and he was the very best.

sorry for spitting.

i love matt welch.



Wednesday, February 02, 2005

sorry all absent and schnitzel, but I was traveling and discovering the abundance of the universe. i'm home again and happy to be here. as i drove in from lax and hit east sunset in echo park, the deep perfume of night blooming jasmine, mock orange, lemon and orange blossoms (all of which essentially smell the same: like magic) filled my car and nostrils and i knew again for certain i live in a special place and time. i can only imagine how it must have smelled around here back in the days when it was all orange groves. the entire basin must have been a giant perfume-bowl. specially at night.

my mom's finishing her new novel, about a young girl's life in san diego during wwii. it's called "gardenias." gardenias are also magic flowers.

on a nearby street to mine there stands an old one-story ghost cottage so run-down, with old peeling olive-green wood siding and tattered curtains... no lawn, straight outta the dustbowl like it hasn't changed since 1936... i used to call it the woody guthrie memorial childhood home, even though i knew he didn't grow up here.

yesterday i discovered a photograph of woody guthrie and one of his wives and two kids in 1936, sitting on the beat-up front stoop of a house in l.a.... with an address one block from me. i couldn't believe they actually gave the address in the caption.

it's funny because sometimes when i'm sitting here a block away in this old cottage with my kinda crappy 3/4 size guitar, and i wanna sing something, but i feel silly, i think about woody guthrie. no subject was too small for him and he didn't mind singing simple melodies and jumbles of words. he didn't judge himself too harshly and he considered his life to be decent song material. it's always inspiring and makes me feel braver. he said he stood against any music that made people feel small.

maybe he wouldn't have approved but when i think about him, i'm likely to start singing some nonsense about all-night phone calls, hipbones, hot dogs and sunshine.



"california stars"

by woody guthrie

I'd like to rest my heavy head tonight

On a bed of california stars

I'd like to lay my weary bones tonight

On a bed of california stars

I'd love to feel your hand touching mine

And tell me why I must keep working on

Yes, I'd give my life to lay my head tonight

On a bed of california stars

I'd like to dream my troubles all away

On a bed of california stars

Jump up from my starbed and make another day

Underneath my california stars

They hang like grapes on vines that shine

And warm the lovers' glass like friendly wine

So, I'd give this world

Just to dream a dream with you

On our bed of california stars

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Hi Guys!!!

I am writing in response to commenter Joe, with whom I engaged in a debate on commercial pop music when I sat in on his arts criticism university class, which my dad teaches.

Joe and I argued about the relative merits of pop music and music created (supposedly) without concern for popularity.

Of course, you all know where I stand on that.

Anyway, Joe: I felt kind of bad afterwards for jumping down your throat about the Archies. The thing is, you have a spark in your eye and passion in your throat about music, and that's really the main important thing at this point, as far as I'm concerned. (I hope that doesn't sound patronizing, either.) You don't have to agree with me, and I don't have to agree with you. However, since you wrote such an EXCESSIVELY LONG comment here I'm going to respond in kind here. :)

First of all, your facts are hinky.

1. The White Stripes do not only cover Delta blues songs; perhaps their most famous cover is "I Just Don't Know What to Do With Myself," written by Burt Bacharach, who was one of the many contract hitmakers at the Brill Building (also home to Jeff Barry of "Sugar Sugar" fame, Carole King et al.).

I would like to direct you to read a little of the history of the Brill Building. As you'll see in the songwriters' bios, these were all compulsive songwriters to their marrow, the kind of people who start writing songs at five years old and give up school and security in order to follow their much riskier bliss.

Songwriting is the riskiest and most painful of paths. I have never heard of a successful, wealthy songwriter who did not get there through the most humiliating kind of muse-wrastling, sweat-and-blood-letting and frightful financial cliff-jumping. Even Diane Warren, possibly the cheesiest pop songwriter of all time, has that kind of story.

The best music of the Brill Building reflects real soul, real heart, real sexuality and definitely real musicianship. These writers were an enormous influence on the Beatles and, of course, made the music of Brian Wilson possible.

2. The Beatles were a commercial endeavor from the get-go, really the big bang of pop-group marketing/merchandizing/mass media exploitation. This was all possible because their music was calculated to be excessively popular. That does not diminish its quality a bit. (Shakespeare's plays are full of crowd-pleasing gimmickry. Populism is not inherently bad.)

My friend Liam Lynch took songwriting from Paul McCartney in Liverpool several years ago, and Paul told him that he and John were so competitive and so mercenary in their songwriting, they'd actually say to each other before sitting down to write: "I'm going to write a yacht today," or "I'm going to write a Bentley." They weren't really joking, either. I don't see any problem in this, because their populism never cheapened their music or kept them from taking risks.

Likewise, if you think Chuck Berry wasn't shooting for mass-market popularity, you're a little naive.

3. You said in class that bubblegum music is like a Big Mac, "programmed" to be popular. It may be produced to sound like a seamless, perfect product, but believe me, there is no computer program that can write a good hook, invent a lyrical catchphrase that's going to really stick. People write all these songs.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


today was a good day, have to say. good day. plus it was capped by a wonderbox on my doorstep: my award from The Public Radio Exchange: the PRX Zeitfunk "Most Broadcast Award 2004" (whatever a zeitfunk is!). The award, which is sitting ass-kickingly on my faux-mantle, is a karate guy doing an ass-kicking karate kick. it's the best award ever. thank you PRX for being you!

The OC is on in like half an hour and i still have to run out and get some dinner or something. i'm just so sick of everything i like: hard times pizza, in-n-out, sushi, alegria burritos... i need some new food ideas. ideas?

i wish they made food out of stars and the special feeling you get when you get a wonderbox on your doorstep. this food, i would not get sick of.



Monday, January 24, 2005

O! the blushing whipoorwill:

my laundry is done and it's just so exciting. just so terribly exciting. i purposely bought the non-PC, environmentally damaging laundry soap ("cheer") because it makes your laundry smell like laundry, which is important. the hippie yuppie stuff doesn't make your laundry smell at all. the smell of laundry is one of the best smells in the whole world and i'm not going to be deprived at a time like this.

Tony once again has some great stuff on his blog, this time an essay on how to mend a broken heart. His mind and heart work so differently from mine, I could never follow his advice to the letter--that is, immediately start dating someone or sleeping around after a breakup. However, in spirit, I know what he means. For a guy, a lot of the pain of getting dumped has to do with the sexual ego-damage, and it's good to be reminded you're still hot and whatever. For me, the pain of a breakup has more to do with the death of a dream, the loss of conversation, and a fear of never falling in love again. So, for me, the best way to soothe an aching heart is to dig into new dreams--not romantic ones but fun life dreams; to continue exciting conversation with friends; and to have a new crush. It could be an old crush you drag out from the mothballs, that's OK. You don't even have to necessarily date this person, either. Just talk to 'em, bump into them, feel the flutters again.

I'm a big true-love romantic but I also have crushes from time to time, and they are very comforting to me in times of sadness. A lot of times, my crushes are also feeling sad and lonely and I know I'm not the only one.

My particular line of work, when I'm doing it, certainly provides me with a fairly high-quality stream of crush material. Note: I say crush-material, not BF-material. I've worked in the rock realm long enough to know what's up there. As much as I love rock music, rock culture is the most retardedly lonely, sexually cynical, shallow, boringly male, sexist world in the world. It's a really ugly place and the more money is involved the uglier it gets.

It's funny, though... some of the most memorable love-advice I've gotten has been from rock stars and rock-people:

1. The lead singer of Buckcherry once told me I was codependent, needed to go to Al-Anon, and should give my drunken flame a decisive kick out the door. I guess he should know: He loves the cocaine, and all. I did try Al-Anon once, but the people were so crazy I left there feeling worse than before. (Plus, the God stuff.)

2. The Donnas went "awww" in unison when I told them about getting my heart stomped on once, and then the lead singer told me about their song "I Didn't Like You Anyway," which I think is a bit of Zen brilliance. There's always a moment before you fall in love when you see the person objectively, and all the little annoying things you forget about later. It's useful to remember those things when you need to.

3. Jeff Barry, writer of "Be My Baby," "Sugar, Sugar," and many more, co-architect of my musical/romantic fantasy vision, once told me that I'd spent way too much time with the same guy and it was time to move on. He was so brutal about it, too, which was a terrible shock coming from the man who'd written these lines. Bang shang-a-lang indeed!

4. The manager for Stryper once prayed for me over the phone. It was so awesome. Definitely one of the most moving interview moments yet. She asked me if it was OK if she just started praying for me, and I was like, Let It Rock. She busted out a passionate, heartfelt plea to the Lord on my behalf, and it was so real and so forceful I actually felt something happen in my heart. Something got warm and light inside me. I had never talked to her about my love life, but she said, Kate, there is a dark figure standing next to you, smothering your little light and trying to smother you. Dear Lord, protect beautiful Kate and let her light shine into the world. She has an important gift to bring to the world!

At the time I had no clue I might actually have anything like a gift for the world, but I think she may have been more right than wrong. Even if she was a little freaky and hung up on Christian fanciful boogeymen.

I would like to thank all these people for their cockeyed good will.

But I think Tony knows, maybe better than anyone, that you don't just "get over" someone. You get through it; you get yourself to a point where you actually want to share your heart again, with someone new.

Tony's methods are about survival and avoiding "major depression"--not about magically erasing your feelings for someone. The more you try to do that the more twisted it gets. The only sure methods are lots of time and lots of distance. This is partly why Pamela Anderson can't get over Tommy Lee. They have kids together.

Time and distance. Time and distance. Funny how two forces that don't actually exist can do what nothing else can.

Love 4-ever,


well, it's a new day and that always means a new chance for peace and good times.

it's sunny in los angeles and i'm going to do more laundry than i've ever done in one session in my life. it's going to be cathartic. there will be coffee involved.

ben, my amazing brother, gave me a present yesterday including some original 45s such as "Sugar Suagr/Melody Hill." in light of this i've decided it's time to start collectiing 45s.

i'm going to minneapolis soon, whose "cheapo records" on lake st. has the biggest selection i've seen of 45s. amoeba might be bigger but it's also more expensive, i think.

in other news, the weekend was great for one reason: saturday night i got to play guitar and sing harmonies with matt welch, brendan maze, ben sullivan, greg mcilvaine, os tyler, kim thigpen et al. this was great enough in itself, but we also got to talk a lot about the beach boys. there was talk of having a beach boys listening party where we'd really give time to "Holland," the record matt says is the greatest secret beach boys record ever---none of it written by brian wilson, all of it written in imitation of brian wilson.

also this weekend i learned how to play "little miss sorrow child of tomorrow" on guitar. this is the greatest new song in my life, for now. it's in 6/8, just for starters--and dig that title. (see herman's Hermits' "There's A Kind of Hush All Over the World" LP for this and many other marvels.)



Friday, January 21, 2005

hey guys:

what with this fucking fat-ass weird surreal coronation bullshit and a "leader" so uncool, so unsexy, so unfunny and so unrock it's hard to believe he's even American; and a world in mourning after recent tragic events; and a Democratic party so fucking sold-out and retarded they're a joke, I am currently in a state of meditative masonry. I'm building a beautiful stone retaining wall to terrace off the generous slope of my back/front yard, with help!

So don't read me, but read Tony, who speaks common sense. I have come to realize in the past couple days that this is not a party issue. Lots of republicans hate this guy.

This is a style issue, and a sanity issue. And a Christian issue, to be honest.

I ask you: If Jesus were alive today, and he had to decide how to spend a sum of $40 million in one day, and he could use it to immunize 22 million tsunami-surviving children----or spend it on a party for himself--what would he do?

What would Jesus do?

Just asking.



Monday, January 17, 2005

Know what sets my blood to boiling? This shit. Matt Welch excerpts an LA Times piece dissing freelance journalists thusly:

"Freelancers are the migrant farmworkers of journalism -- cheap labor that fills the gaps left by editorial downsizing and dwindling advertising revenue. As they scramble from publication to publication to make a living, some practice ethical relativism."

I've been a freelancer/contractor my whole goodamn career, and it's not because I couldn't get a full-time job at a goddamn daily newspaper (as if I would have even wanted one!).

Shit, man.

First of all, as a freelancer I have to be extra-ethical, because I have no legal protection from the publications for which I write, with the exception of perhaps one. The standard freelance contract does not protect a writer from lawsuit, however spurious.

Anyway, the really important writers I most admire were contract journalists--especially George Bernard Shaw and Lester Bangs.

Oh, fuck this.

I have work to do!


Thursday, January 13, 2005

"You may be normal but you might feel even better with medication. Antidepressants and anti-anxiety drugs are being prescribed in such a fashion that it's become known as 'cosmetic psychopharmacology.'"

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

who gives what i think, but just for the sake of tradition (?), here's my top 10 albums of 2004, which means records i listened to more than once. for a year in which almost anything but herman's hermits hurt my ears, that's saying something.

Brian Wilson, Smile

Mates of State, All Day EP

Mark Lane, Golden State of Mind (2003 but who cares, he's from l.a. and deserves props)

Loretta Lynn, Van Lear Rose

Kanye West, The College Dropout

Puffy Ami Yumi, Nice (same. i mean, they're from japan but their producer guy is local and so good.)

Shapes of Race Cars, Apocalypse Hurts EP

Gregory Vaine, The Many Sides Of

Tracy Spuehler, It's The Sound

Nancy Sinatra, Nancy Sinatra

special notice--died of joy on first listen, puked a little bit in my throat later, but it's ok:

Nelly McKaye, Get Away From Me

Singles of the Year

Kanye West, Jesus Walks

J-Kwon, Tipsy (best-produced radio hit since I can remember, shit)

Kelis, Milkshake

Usher, Confessions; Burn

Kanye West et al., Slow Jamz

Cee Lo w/Pharrell, The Art of Noise

The Donnas, Fall Behind Me

Courtney Love, Sunset Strip (hey, it was a single on indie 103...)

Avril Lavigne, My Happy Ending (what can i say. i like her voice better than alanis's.)

Best Records of 2004 I Never Heard Cuz I Was Broke, Sad Or Lazy:

Eminem, Encore

Nirvana, that new box set

The Donnas, Gold Record

Gwen Stefani, Love, Angel, Music, Baby

Best Phenomena of the Year

Fantasia Barrino

Duran Duran

Old Icons Retooled By Indie Rockers (Brian Wilson, Nancy Sinatra, Marianne Faithfull, Loretta Lynn)

Sinful Christianity (Kanye West, R. Kelly)

Now, if you like spooky/psychic things, check out this fun tarot website.

Here Comes The Sun!

Today is a day written in tribute to my favorite song.

You know what I mean.

Also, I found out that Pop Vultures has won the Public Radio Exchange's 2004 Most Broadcast Award.

I am going to get a statuette with a karate guy on it!

What I have learned from this experience, and especially from the love letters we've received since being cancelled, is a big deal for me:

It's possible to work with passion.

When you work with passion, your work is special.

When you work passionately, the process is a reward in itself. The props you get are extra.

Innocence is possible after disillusionment. Innocence is different from naivete. Innocence is a choice.

Shucks, didn't mean to get all heavy on you.



Monday, January 10, 2005

December 13th, 2004 6:08 pm

More Questions for Florida

By Kim Zetter / Wired

A government watchdog group is investigating allegations made by a Florida programmer that are whipping up a frenzy among bloggers and people who believe Republicans stole the recent election.

Programmer Clint Curtis claims that four years ago Rep. Tom Feeney (R-Florida) asked his then-employer to write software to alter votes on electronic voting machines in Florida.

He said his employer told him the code would be used "to control the vote" in West Palm Beach County, Florida. But a fellow employee disputed the programmer's claims and said the meetings he described never took place.

more here.

Even if the guy's a total fraud, doesn't this story deserve thorough investigation by our "news" media?

Just, like, wondering. And everything.


Thursday, January 06, 2005

Hooray for Barbara Boxer for standing up for democracy today. She kicks ass. Thank you Barbara Boxer for your huge brass balls. You make me want to be a braver person.

Wednesday, January 05, 2005



Following the final episode of Pop Vultures on KUOW last month we've been getting lots of mail from very sad listeners. I'm hearing from all ages. I've copied below a typical letter from the "adult" segment of our audience:


Jeffrey W. Hansen

Program Director

KUOW 94.9 Seattle

-----Original Message-----

From: B. Postman

Sent: Wednesday, January 05, 2005 2:12 PM


Subject: Cancellation of Pop Vultures

Hi! I'm 57 years old, baby boomer with two teenage sons, faithful listener (and Contributor) to NPR - ATC etc., This American Life, The Splendid Table, and as of the last month, Pop Vultures. Imagine my son's surprise when he came home from college and found me listening to Missy Elliot and Usher! This was my entree into the current pop music culture. I was calling my other 40 & 50-somethings to turn them onto the show, and THEY CANCELLED IT! Even my husband loved it, and he's Mr. Cool and Hip and goes to concerts and knows all the people Kate and wonderful Hillary and the gang talked about!

It was, like, BRINGING OUR FAMILY TOGETHER! We could converse at dinner, instead of me sitting there like a deaf mute or saying things like, "Who is this Mr. Fifty-Cent Piece?"

Bring them back!

Show people that public radio doesn't have to be sombre and stuffy. Even 50 something girls still want to have fun!

B. Postman - Olympia, WA