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20 Years Ago, Part 1

Just found this unfinished, never-published blog post from May 03, 2012:

A couple years before the riots, I broke up with L.A. I had to. It had become a toxic relationship.
As a kid, I had loved L.A. with the high passion only a 10-year-old girl can muster. I couldn’t have articulated it, but I could feel there was some kind of urban magic popping in the air all around me, and I just wanted to go out and see it, or even just sit in my bedroom on Third Avenue and feel it.
In 1981, my best friend, Heidi Brown, and I made a deal that we were going to really devote ourselves to this whole L.A. thing in a much more serious way than we had previously done. We were going to explore L.A. and bear witness to it. We spent one evening making collages in tribute to our hometown. We cut the words and pictures out of our parents’ magazines. Fortunately for me, Heidi’s young, hip parents subscribed to Los Angeles Magazine. This made the task infinitely easier. I have the vaguest notion that we ma…

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