Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Lovebirds Unite!

I'm back! In The Saddle! Again!

I dunno. I have this other blog at the LA Weekly, the fine newspaper where I proudly work and which I love Dearly, but its blog program or "interface" (ptewy) is a bit too challenging for the techno-challenged and traditionally drunk blogger (such as myself).

I have decided for the moment to get back to Basics With Blogger, an eminently idiot-proof type of blogging "interface" (ptewy)!


So first things first.... It's been such a long time since I wrote something on this blog, my goodness. Shit. And shinola. Wow. Where to begin, really?

Well, I spose the main thing is, since last significantly posting here, I've commenced with a stoner rock phase. I wouldn't call it "metal" per se, as it is far too melodic and poppy to really qualify. I was born a Beatles person, and will remain so happily for the duration. Thus, the stoner rock/"metal" I dig is what metalheads would call "pop" in some disparaging way. Which is so retarded.

Let me give you an idea of what I'm enjoying:

1. Clearly, Wooofmother has not gone undetected on my radar. I got love for the Woof. Though they proved to be boring as near-shit live. Then again, I was not baked. As mentioned previously, the lead singer dude was dressed so fucking badass, it was worth the trip: white tuxedo jacket with tails. With well-noted afro on top. A winning combo, after all these years. As I recall, Mick Jagger did something similar in the rock & roll circus. (Or was it Brian Jones? Don't ask me: I was high out of my chihuahua.)

2. Blue Cheer, who are Playing Here In L.A. Next Week Or Something. I've heard of Blue Cheer for years, of course, but had sort of shoved them into a corner of my mental
Shitheap next to Blue Max. (Who is Blue Max? I have a memory of the name Blue Max in my head from high school, and I have no idea who Blue Max is. Is Blue Max a large chef?)

Blue Cheer is fantastic.

3. Priestess, sort of. Yes, there is a band called Priestess, and their fairly listenable new rock album is called Hello
(which I swear is a secret Hello Kitty reference). And I like them pretty OK. And the other day when we were all on deadline to get the paper done, I put on the Priestess in the copy editor's boombox at work, and people started coming in saying they dug the Priestess. And we actually have some people with pretty good taste over there in the art department.

As is so often the case. The art dept. is where I first really discovered T. Rex.

Of course, that was in the go-go '90s, and it was in Prague at a different newspaper. Nevertheless, I found that designers had pretty good taste.

gnight magic christians of the world!