Thursday, October 26, 2006


i'm up writing. i have an essay in the la weekly tomorrow about getting several songs stuck in your head at the same time. or what i call "mental mashups."

you know what i mean

it's here.

can i get a whuh whuh.


i am going to invent a new dance called the Pride. It's not gay or having to do with Lions. it's a dance about personal pride. pride in your own badass badassness. one thing i have learned in my professional life over the past three years: there is a lot of haters out there. (yes, you have to say "there is a lot of haters.") it's probably the worst aspect to actually having a career — and nobody ever warned me about it. but the one really cool thing about life is this -- and believe me, if I hadn't actually learned this the hard way, i know this would sound like a cliche: there's always someone "better" than you at any given skill, but no one can be you better than you. here ends the sermon, my children. i feel like a regular oprah.

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hi Guys! I'm back from a long vacation. I spent a lot of quality time at Disneyland. They don't call it the Magic Kingdom for nothing! I also went back to my natural brunette for autumn.

Here's the list of what i played on my show today on

Big Bang--"Saturn Freeway"
The Cuts--"How Can I Get Through"
The Nice Boys--"Teenage Nights"
Teenage Fanclub--"What You Do to Me"
Naked Eyes--"Always Something There to Remind Me"
The Ark--"One Of Us Is Gonna Die Young"
Matthew Sweet--"Superdeformed"
T. Rex--"Ride a White Swan"
The Rubinoos--"I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend"
The Ramones--"I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" demo
Art Brut--"Emily Kane"
Big Star--"Feel"
The Mother Hips--"Red Tandy"
Mark Mallman--"Tell Me How a Man Gets Close to You"
Harry Nilsson--"Think About Your Troubles"
John Lennon--"Whatever Gets You Through the Night"
Scissor Sisters--"I Don’t Feel Like Dancin’"
Generation X--"Dancing With Myself"
Nine Black Alps--"Just Friends"
The Blondes--"High Five Suicide"
Dandy Warhols--"We Used to be Friends"
Colin Blunstone---"You Who Are Lonely"
Beck--"Strange Apparition"
The Rolling Stones--"Loving Cup"
Citay--"What Never Was and What Should Have Been"
Wolfmother--"Love Train"
George Michael---"Faith"
Buddy Holly--"Not Fade Away"
The Hollies--"Carrie-Anne"