Wednesday, June 15, 2005


not just bragging; the la weekly music awards were some kind of l.a. love triumph and to describe them in detail at the moment would be beyond my powers... jeff "be my baby" barry shaking hands with brian wilson.... rodney talking with art laboe.... punk rock robots bumping into members of x backstage and smoking up the place as jeff "sugar sugar" barry feigned shock... beautiful women singing nine-part a capella harmonies of deathless who songs,,, hard core porn... x dedicating "soul kitchen" to their producer, ray manzarek... jim freek... a 'hee sop choi' chant... spinderella playing britney and "push it"...

i couldn't be more proud of my hometown.

otherwise, if i start bloggin again, which might happen, i will be challenged, as my policy is a very un-tony pierce like no-kiss-and-tell rule; as it happens, the sun shines in my eyes, and i wish to sing to heaven and earth of the supreme beauty of the one i love. i love.


Thursday, June 09, 2005

yeah yeah yeah, i know.... it's been two months. so sue me! what will you get?

every single fucking record that's come out in the last two months, and a really cute dog.

i've been really busy doing like two or three major things at once--the sorts of things that individually can take up nearly all of a person's psychic energy. except i've been doing them all at the same time.

best things that happened to me lately:

being given 24 dollars with the instructions to buy myself flowers.

buying huge silvery glamour sunglasses.

interviewing the great Jeff Barry, at long last, and preparing to give him an award this Tuesday at the L Weekly Music Awards.

they're gonna be great!