Sunday, March 27, 2005

It’s 7 p.m. on Friday evening and Billy Idol is sitting at Tower Records, signing stuff for a crowd of about 500 fans. I think you’d have to call them hardcore fans--they've been lined up for a couple hours, anyway, which is kind of a heavy thing to do, when you think about it. Idol's sitting at one of those long folding tables with his guitarist/musical partner Steve Stevens to his right and the rest of the band stretching down the table.

Someone's just handed Billy a 1980s book of photographs from Rolling Stone, asking him to sign his shot. The rock star, the bodyguard, the guitarist, the fan and the reporter all lean in for a peek... It's Idol with his naked butt to the camera, wearing a holster

Monday, March 14, 2005

dude: i don't mean to be mean, and i'm sure the men will all agree with me on this, but don't you think it's kind of weird how men have hair growing out of their cheeks?

i was just reading tony's blog and he mentioned shaving this morning and it just occurred to me. what a strange thing to have coming out of your face.

pero los queremos.

lo siento que no he escrito mucho... tengo tanto trabajo! no creo tan mucho! y no para, nunca... podria trabajar cada hara, cada dia. manana voy a entrevistar con Marianne Faithfull, ciertamente una de mis entrevistas mas cool. tambien lo siento que estoy escribiendo (mal) en espanol, pero a veces es necesario hablar en otra lengua. una lengua no esta basta. necesito mas palabras!

quiero preguntar a marianne faithfull: cree usted en dios? reza usted a dios?

tiene miedo de la muerte?

y que piensa de los otros musicos que estan trabajando con musicos mas jovenes: como Loretta Lynne, Brian Wilson y Nancy Sinatra?

Y que piensa de shawn green?

ok bye


Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Home Squeeze

The Good News is, the Supreme Court decided children shouldn't be killed by the government.

The Bad News Is: Four out of nine judges thought a juvenile death penalty was a good idea.

I guess that's what you call pro-life.