Tuesday, June 29, 2004

hi love

my mom is coming to stay at the fairy cottage for a week. we're going to garden our asses off. i think maybe we'll go see "fahrenheit 9/11" on the fourth of july.

my friend greg has a new record out that i love. it is wistful, plainspoken and wise, and it makes me cry because i feel i maybe know and love some of the same people he's writing about and he put stuff into words i didn't know how to.



Monday, June 28, 2004

yeah man

i was in minnesota for a while. working on my show. you know.

i was at a reunion for the ucsb paper, the daily nexus, on saturday, even though i didn't go to ucsb. i'm what you call an honorary nexite due to my other affiliations, the prague thing, etc.

on sunday i went to a b-day for a girlfriend from high school. we got in a fight about politics. she thinks one group of elite people rule the country and have done so since the beginning. she sees no important distinction between bush and kerry. she also says she'll never vote again. this seemed weird to me, since, if she's right, that's probably exactly what "they" want her to do. feel all disempowered and shit.

but i love her a lot.

and i'm not saying she's wrong. i think the truth is probably shrouded somewhere in the middle.

one thing i like is that she questions everything.

i question most things, but not everything.

i do question the safety of mercury fillings. i spent most of the day reading up online about them. i have two busted fillings and i'm getting them replaced with non-mercury stuff.

the dental establishment has been lame about this for a long time. it's funny when you figure out that people who are authorities lie about stuff. like asbsestos, or tobacco, or hormone replacement therapy. i think about this with lots of things we haven't yet fully studied, such as the safety of cell phones, the pill, and new country.

speaking of country, i found the new loretta lynne record to be a real meaty chunk of lady-heart barbecued to crusty juicy loveliness.

i want to listen to it right now.

i love you.


ps: if you want to buy me a present, go here. i just saw their ad at the top of my blog. they make houses to go in fairy gardens. do you think they put that ad there because i wrote about my fairy garden? do you think if i start writing about jack white again, they'll put up an ad where you can buy a kiss from jack white?

Sunday, June 13, 2004



Last night in a fit of desperation I named the dog, with the help of my friend Julie. He is named after a character from Twelfth Night, who drinks too much, carouses and represents the triumph of the chaotic spirit.

So his name is Toby, after Sir Toby Belch.

But, you see, I also wanted to name him a funny musical name. So his full, formal name is Sir Toby Spookytooth Dreamweaver Belch the First. This way, I can call him Spookytooth or Dreamweaver whenever I want.

I have 10,041 things to do today.

rock on,


Tuesday, June 08, 2004

kick ass

first it was the wedding singer. then it was no doubt. now it's reagan nostalgia. if you ask me, this whole '80s revival has gone far enough.

i am tired of people saying reagan ended communism. anyone who's been to eastern europe knows, communism ended communism.

read this now.

i need a new patriotism and tony pierce is articulating it beautifully, even though he spells mediocrity wrong.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

lavender sunday


i planted a fairy garden today. i figured the fairies would probably start showing up tonight. and they did! my neighbor manny came to see the puppy and he did a fairy dance because he's a garden fairy.

anyway, jeff w. and dan from tsar are playing acousticalistically tonight on indie 103 sometime around 11 (?)

i think it's on ye old web too

then monday night they're playing at ye olde viper roome for some indie 103 local bands celebration or something, five bucks (i think!)



Friday, June 04, 2004

Aright, Tony:

Your first blurry image of "Mr. Winkie," as photographer Matt called him.

Other possible names:

Mr. Puppy


George Huff

Little Willy (that's a Sweet reference, you pervert)

The Dog Formerly Known As Puppy



Hoagy Stardust

Jarvis "Cocker"

Joe "Cocker"

These are jokes.


Remember if you will I am most fond of T. Rex and the Zombies, Hello Kitty, hearts and love, the band Heart and things of this nature; it would mean a lot to have a name that reminded me of them.

I'm not into literary names right now.

Or masculine names. I want goofy; thus the appeal of Izzy (and Sloopy).

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I Tell You What

Want to know something so cute? Go here and read Tony Pierce's cute interview with the New York Times.

What else?

I am braindead because I finally got a real dog, and it's a baby, and I'm sleeping in short bits and very loopy all of the time. I don't have a pic yet but basically he is a cross between a tiny muppet, a tiny ewok, and a tiny stuffed animal toy. He makes lots of snuffling noises all of the time, especially when he is excited. He also does a ton of Sloopy-isms such as: handing you his paw for no apparent reason, repeatedly; peeing in the middle of the pathway outside my door; and lying on his back so you can have your way with his belly, all of the time. He is excellent and as yet no name seems sufficiently great for him.

Also I just had a beer.

Now it is time to go to bed.

I feel happy.

I spoke on the phone with my hero, Jeff Barry, and he told me he sings the last bits of vocals on Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl." His best friend Bert Burns produced it (who wrote "Hang On Sloopy" and "Twist and Shout"), and they needed extra vocals. Jeff Barry was ace at vocal imitations and so that's how it happened. And now you know.

Jeff Barry told me so many things. Like how it felt after he had written "Be My Baby." The song Brian Wilson listens to every single day of his life. He said something on the order of, I didn't think i had just written a timeless classic, but I thought I did a good enough job. I liked the line about "we'll make them turn their heads everywhere we go," because you know how it is, a good-looking couple, and no one had ever written that before in a song.

love forever,