Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hi, Froghouse

The Secret Creeks (and Lakes, Springs, and Swamps) of Los Angeles

Today I had another conversation with another native Angeleno who stated flatly that L.A. is a desert. It got me going all over again about the untruth of this, and how I know in my body that our city is run through with water, secret and not-secret, lost, and extant.

I thought you'd enjoy this fabulous map created by the Ballona Wetlands people, who seem really swell, which shows all the historical water that enriched this land: creeks, lakes, ponds, wetlands, marshes, the works. If you click on the right toggle and overlays, you can see your own street. Most likely, there was once a creek nearby!

This wonderful article also describes it all in marvelous detail.

Love and swimming, Kate
Ballona Creek, in the day