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The Secret Creeks (and Lakes, Springs, and Swamps) of Los Angeles

Today I had another conversation with another native Angeleno who stated flatly that L.A. is a desert. It got me going all over again about the untruth of this, and how I know in my body that our city is run through with water, secret and not-secret, lost, and extant.

I thought you'd enjoy this fabulous map created by the Ballona Wetlands people, who seem really swell, which shows all the historical water that enriched this land: creeks, lakes, ponds, wetlands, marshes, the works. If you click on the right toggle and overlays, you can see your own street. Most likely, there was once a creek nearby!

This wonderful article also describes it all in marvelous detail.

Love and swimming, Kate


Jamie said…
Hi Kate, I'm guessing you might not ever see this comment, but here it is. I was strolling down the memory lane of my own, only slightly less-defunct, blog and came across a link to your site. I clicked it. I always loved your blog. Hope you're well., and congratulations on making a baby!
-Jamie (aka theknownuniverse)
kate sullivan said…
That's awesome, Jamie! Thanks so much for liking my blog! I went to your blog but it "was not found." Take care!
Jamie said…
it's still around. In fact I posted the other day for the first time in seven months. Looking at all my old favorites inspired me, I guess.

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