O My Soul

Hey, Baby Fishmouth:

I know, that's the oldest joke in the book. "Baby Fishmouth"—as in, "Baby fishmouth is sweeping the nation" (from When Harry Met Sally. Do you remember that line? They are playing charades). In any case, that phrase is so old, it was actually referenced in a now-old episode of Gilmore Girls, with the line:

"Rocket gum is sweeping the nation."

(This kind of writing is why Gilmore Girls is and will always be my best, very most beloved show of all time.)

Let's start this whole thing over.

What's Up, Rocket Gum?

I have a rather major announcement to make.

Drumroll. Thanks.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Friends, Loved Ones, Pets, Family, and Future Ex-Frenemies:

WHEREAS     Ye Olde Rockblogge began 10 years ago on May 12, 2002, thanks to Pre-Google, Pre-Facebook, Pre-Twitter Blogger and one Tony Pierce, goofball supreme,


WHEREAS    El Bloggo De Rocko was horribly dehydrated for a period of time while its author took a vow of silence and retreated to a French cloister where she studied dandelion DNA for five years


WHEREAS    Le Blogue de Roque has been recently rehydrated and is practically a real blog again


WHEREAS    I can't hardly imagine anything better,

I declare May 11, 2012 as the Rockblog Day of Reckoning.

This means absolutely nothing, by the way. It is worth noting, however.

Someday soon, I'll try to explain what happened at the cloister. I feel an especial debt to those readers who held on to this blog long after I let it go, and loved it in a way that I could feel across miles and even years. Cara Mia is the first who comes to mind. Cara Mia read this blog when it seemed no one else did, and she asked me politely, but repeatedly, to write more.

Jonathan Gold, my hero.

Oh God, now I'm namedropping. Matt Welch, my longtime friend and writing inspiration. Tony. My brother, Ben Sullivan. My sister, Maggie Sullivan. My best friend, Debbie Beukema. Laurie Ochoa. Emmanuelle Richard.

I am so blessed—god! Yes, I can say it—I am blessed, and I thank you, God (or whatever You is), and all the good souls who have loved me, helped me, taught me, and inspired me by just being themselves.

There are so, so many people I owe. And I know you know what I mean, because there are so many people you owe, right?

I'm glad we're together in this, owing them so much more than we can give.

And I owe you too, you know. 



Mel said…
Kate Sullivan is my hero. Can't wait to read more, Kate!
kate sullivan said…
You're my hero, Mel!

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