Sunday, September 03, 2006

Intriguing questions, to be sure.

A writer/reader poses an intriguing question in the comments area, which I will copy here:

How do I start without sounding like a total deuschbag... umm I'm a wannabe music journalist who has interned at OCWeekly - uh, wait I blew it. So moving on, sometimes I get bumbarded with so many new acts (Majority sucky) that I can't stand to even look at another band boy. You have been doing music writing for so long how do you keep inspired and motivated about it? I've only been attempting to write about it and I get frustrated. How do you manage to write about bands without getting disheartened by the constant assholes you have to deal with? Kudos to you for being such a strong person.

Not to be a douche bag, but I would recommend any wannabe writer to utilize the website if a real dictionary isn't available.

Anyway, I am unclear on the question: Are you frustrated with BAD MUSIC or BAD PEOPLE? These are two distinct problems. They don't always correlate.

In terms of ASSHOLES who are also MUSICIANS, I see no particular pattern here. True, most musicians have a dark side a mile wide. And true, rock & rollers are not famous for dependability in the areas of love and family. And true, many musicians are frauds with terrible taste in music, who are afraid of the deep void at their core, and habitually avoid it, which is partly why their music sucks. (That, and their lack of talent.)

But assholes? Nah--no more than anyone else. At least not for your purposes as a journalist. You shouldn't have to struggle with that stuff in a personal way. All you have to do is interview them. And — which may be traumatizing in its own way — listen to their goddamn record.

No musician should be an asshole to you. And if he is, that is only more stuff for you to write about. The only people who were ever assholes to me in an interview were the singer for Nickelback and Pamela Anderson. It should be noted, they are both Canadian, and neither of them are musicians.

As far as how to cope with the glut of bad music out there, I find that listening to the Beatles and T. Rex is always fortifying to the soul.

How to Hear Pop Vultures Online

So far, you can't.


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