Thursday, November 02, 2006


Baseball is over but "The OC" is just beginning. Of course, "The OC" without Mischa Barton will be like the Dodgers without Eric Gagne. But, as I recall, that worked out all right.

I played a new Kelis song on my radio show today called "Living Proof," and I "quite liked it," as some people would say. It had a "You Light Up My Life"-potential-Christian-romance subtext to it, which was a refreshing contrast to her previous great hit, "Milkshake." If a singer is going to go quasi-Christian on me, it's always preferable if it is a singer who has made her name singing about being a huge slut. See also: The immortal Donna Summer.

Of course, I could be projecting a Christian subtext onto Kelis' music. Either way, it's a convincingly romantic song. That's always a little miracle.

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