Monday, December 11, 2006

When You Wish Upon A Star

I have spent some quality time lately at the Magic Kingdom. It's L.A.'s best-kept secret, don't you know. Few people realize how different it is in the middle of the week. It's practically empty. And when it's practically empty, you can feel some kind of human magic rolling over you like a warm wave. It has to do with the collective creativity of all the people who have made Disneyland, and those who bring their best hopes when they come to visit.

It's also very girly. I like how a lot of times the whimsical, magical forces (both good and bad) are girls -- like the Blue Fairy (above). The heart of Disneyland, which is Fantasyland — Walt Disney's favorite part — is really made to appeal to the little girl in everyone. And I think everyone does have a little girl inside them, somewhere.

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