Sunday, September 22, 2002

Hi Surf Nazis,

Um, the post about Marilyn Manson was a big BOO BOO. I was working on my next column while blogging and then somehow it got posted and I couldn't unpost it for ages because, as mentioned, Blogger is a little Bitch.


Don't you love how I completely villify and libel the entity (Blogger) to which I owe all my joy and happiness?

(Well, lots of it, anyway.)

Hey, who said love was fair.

BTW, are you digging the harvest moon these days? Check it out.

I went miniature golfing in Sherman Oaks yesterday and I truly felt that we were entering a magical realm as we entered, because everything at this minature golf is in the shape of a castle. It is also full of candy elf houses that you want to live in, forever.

I got two holes-in-one. There is nothing like the feeling of a hole-in-one. It just feels like... Like you have tapped into the frequency of Perfection where some people, the Amazing Ones, spend most of their time. It is a plane of existence where the force of the universe helps you along, so that your perfect achievement is, in a way, effortless. It is on this plane where, for example, the riff to "Satisfaction" was invented. There was no effort there. The biggest effort was playing it into a tape recorder in bed so he wouldn't forget it the next morning.

I want to say that it was also on this plane where Van Gogh painted Starry Night, but I think maybe I need to work on the theory a little more. Because the other truth is that most great achievements are the result of endless slaving.

Got to go write now. Ok bye.


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