Wednesday, September 25, 2002

Hi You Rascally Muskellung, You

I'm in Minneapolis, where it is chilly, drizzly, and very autumnal. The squirrells are fluffy again, for winter, and dark gray, and I see where some of them are making a nest in the attic next door. They climb through a tiny hole in a busted screen up on the third floor. They are going to be pretty well set for winter, I think. They will be the envy of all the neighborhood wildlife. They will have to throw wild winter parties for every variety of varmint tiny enough to fit through the hole. It's only fair.

After living the rich hippie life in Malibu just two weeks ago it's fun to suddenly be here in the land of winter working-class bars and hot toddies. Hot toddies are very common here. This is a whiskey town.

I stayed up all night on Sunday finishing my next column (out tomorrow--it includes my trip to a mortuary party Saturday night!) and cleaning, packing etc....and then I flew out here... but then the following night I had some major tummy pains that really fucked my shit up for a couple days.

I'm fine now, and the doctors said I'm healthy. Anyway, I did get some more insight into pain (which I'm saving for childbirth). And it was a good excuse to sleep for two days, eat Halloween candy nonstop, read Archies nonstop, and take Vicodin! Oh, yeah, and drink whiskey!

There are distinct advantages to being female--including lip gloss and general Womanly gorgeousness (not to mention Magic and the Power to Make Life Happen)--but our insides can cause such mayhem.



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