Wednesday, April 02, 2003

here's the thing

on mad deadline, BUT...

the white stripes is SO HEAVY. it's a double vinyl album, for no good reason except:

1. It's COOL

B. they get to have one record WHITE vinyl and one RED.

3. and that is SEXY

4. Plus, double albums engender anticipatory belly-flutters from deep seated history in children who know about "houses of the holy," "the beatles," [name your fave double album here] etc.

turns out ELEPHANT is also a total hot-jeans makeout on the couch till you're immortal record--well, in truth, it's actually a do-it-like-the-world's-on-fire record. ME AND KIM decided that we both want to try it out as soon as we get the opportunity (with boys, silly) --and turning it over three times would definitely be a hassle. this is why i now have to buy it on CD. very tricky.

one more thing and then i gotta run: jack white comes off like one MEAN MOTHERFUCKER on this album. definitely the type of guy who you have to keep in line and kick his ass regularly, and remind him he's just a little man with a silly little guitar. he's one meanmouth jackrabbit. he's got the bitey little teeth.



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