Monday, December 01, 2003

So I saw the third matrix last night---had to get it "out of the way" before moving onto "Elf" in the near future. what a lot of hooey. They really lost the ball, I'm afraid. I was really expecting some interesting multidimensional pseudo-theoretical physics/spirituality to make me think in new ways, but mostly I was amused by how the council of elders in Zion looked like the reunion of the original cast of "Hair" (with possibly some former members of Love thrown in).

I am the worst cryer at shlocky shit, and even i didn't cry at the "sad" parts. Trinity and Neo have gotten so smug about their perfect love, and she's got no sense of humor at all.

Jada Pinkett was the most interesting thing. And that lesbian sniper. She rocked.

well, as you can see, i am in a shit mood, so I'm going to sign off and spare you.



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