Friday, March 21, 2008

A Strawberry Is Born

So, guess what: I made a strawberry!

And double guess what: I picked it too soon. I bet that's a common mistake with first-time berry people. But it was so cute and fucked-up and shrimpy. I couldn't resist.

Action shot:

I nibbled the strawberry a tiny bit, and it was tangy, not sweet. 

Still, it was my Very First Strawberry Ever. It seemed too special for me to just eat it myself. So I went over to see if the Gnome wanted it. 

The Gnome became hypnotized. So I decided to give it to Sir Toby, who will eat anything, and who really deserved the honor more than any of us.


My strawberry had a short life and a happy ending.

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kate s. said...

doot doot doot