Thursday, March 27, 2008

Treat Her Like a Ladybug.

What more could we possibly ask of a bug but to be cute, nice, not bite, and have a song? 

Nothing. But still, Ladybugs give us more

Ladybugs also eat bad bugs that hurt our garden, like aphids.

In conclusion, Ladybugs are tops.

Only thing about ladybugs: They look bad when they're babies and teenagers. You think you went through an awkward stage in junior high? Imagine looking like a teenage ladybug.

I told you they look bad.

I have killed them before in ignorance. I assumed something that ugly must be bad. That's usually how it seems to work in the garden. (See: white grubs, mealybugs, scale et al.)

Now I know better. This morning while weeding I discovered a bunch of them on the weeds I was pulling, so I had to leave them be. I need these guys. Teen ladybugs eat more aphids than adults.

Like junior high kids, these ladybugs were at all different stages of transformation. Some looked like children, some had really bad taste in music, and some seemed completely lost in their own unknowable world of metamorphosis.

Some were "awkward in-between."

Some looked almost completely grown-up.

Some looked like straight-up badasses. 

To all of them, I say:

PS: I will be playing music today at 4 pm Pacific Time on!

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Christia said...

I totally stumbled upon your blog while searching for images of ladybugs! I never knew for real, that those were in fact baby ladybugs! But I always called them that! HA :) I say welcome to the bugs too, except the seemingly hundreds I've got inside my house!