Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Boogie-woogie yay!

"I can see your house from here."

It's finally summertime. School's out for summer!

That means time for my rock & roll radio show!

Strange Magic.

(The show formerly known as Rock & Roll Love Letter.)

I am SO excited about the show I've got planned for tomorrow, Thursday June 19.

4 pm West Coast Time.

Then go to "Tune In."

It's a really neat station.

And tomorrow, I am going to play music to make YOU happy.

Gardening wise, I am waiting waiting waiting for my tomatoes and strawberries, and the suspense is killing me. 

1 comment:

magma said...

Hey! I heard your show yesterday for the first time yesterday! Really good music! Was all of it from the 70s?

& did you take the picture of that sunflower? Are you growing sunflowers? (almost spelled that "gwowing funflosers".) Sunflowers, that would be quite nice.