Monday, April 26, 2004

Greetings, Kings and Queens of the Impossible:

News of the Day:

1. A swarm of wasps took over my bedroom today, climbing all over the windows, getting in through the doggy door, crawling on my bed. It was the most Amityville Horrorish experience I've ever had. (Except for that giant pig who used to wake me up at 3:15 a.m. But I always thought of that as a more Pink Floyd thing.)

2. I still have almost no interest in music. Like, I didn't get tix to Coachella in time, and even though I really do want to go, and I really do want to see all those bands, I'm really not bothered about it. I'm just like, oh, whatever. My friend John, who's visiting from Minneapolis, and kind of came out here for Coachella, and also flaked on getting tickets, is equally blase about it. I love that.

3. I think this has to do with having my own pad. When you're in school, you just want desperately to get out of the house and do weird things with strangers in groups, for some reason---in deadly heat, on drugs, with retarded shoes. But see now that I have my own place and no parents running my life all the time, I have no need to "get out of the house" like before. Why would I want to get away form a totally awesome cottage with records and clothes and dishes and stuff strewn everywhere? I can get high right here, if I want to. And do everything else.

4. Nevertheless, I would still go to Coachella if I could, for sure.

5. I went to a Dodger/Giants game Saturday night at Dodger Stadium. It was awesome. I mean, we lost, but it was a stylish loss---Shawn Green broke his bat and that little elf guy hit a home run. Plus the crowd was soooo mean to the Giants. It was awesome. Much better, say, than Sunday, where the Dodgers won by so much it wasn't even that fun to watch.

6. It feels like Sunday to me. Doesn't it feel like Sunday? I think it feels like Sunday.

7. I feel bad because we killed the wasps with the only thing we had on hand--bug spray for rose bushes. The wasps died long, clearly insane-making agonizing deaths. I feel bad. But shit, man.



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