Last night in a fit of desperation I named the dog, with the help of my friend Julie. He is named after a character from Twelfth Night, who drinks too much, carouses and represents the triumph of the chaotic spirit.

So his name is Toby, after Sir Toby Belch.

But, you see, I also wanted to name him a funny musical name. So his full, formal name is Sir Toby Spookytooth Dreamweaver Belch the First. This way, I can call him Spookytooth or Dreamweaver whenever I want.

I have 10,041 things to do today.

rock on,



Douglas said…
Sir Toby's is also the name of a hostel in Zizkov, btw.
bronx expat said…
One day he'll bite you bad and defiantly announce his that his name is Kinte.
Lemon Pepper seemed alright, though the colours didn't match. Then again.. going with Kinte would have made me nuts.

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