yeah man

i was in minnesota for a while. working on my show. you know.

i was at a reunion for the ucsb paper, the daily nexus, on saturday, even though i didn't go to ucsb. i'm what you call an honorary nexite due to my other affiliations, the prague thing, etc.

on sunday i went to a b-day for a girlfriend from high school. we got in a fight about politics. she thinks one group of elite people rule the country and have done so since the beginning. she sees no important distinction between bush and kerry. she also says she'll never vote again. this seemed weird to me, since, if she's right, that's probably exactly what "they" want her to do. feel all disempowered and shit.

but i love her a lot.

and i'm not saying she's wrong. i think the truth is probably shrouded somewhere in the middle.

one thing i like is that she questions everything.

i question most things, but not everything.

i do question the safety of mercury fillings. i spent most of the day reading up online about them. i have two busted fillings and i'm getting them replaced with non-mercury stuff.

the dental establishment has been lame about this for a long time. it's funny when you figure out that people who are authorities lie about stuff. like asbsestos, or tobacco, or hormone replacement therapy. i think about this with lots of things we haven't yet fully studied, such as the safety of cell phones, the pill, and new country.

speaking of country, i found the new loretta lynne record to be a real meaty chunk of lady-heart barbecued to crusty juicy loveliness.

i want to listen to it right now.

i love you.


ps: if you want to buy me a present, go here. i just saw their ad at the top of my blog. they make houses to go in fairy gardens. do you think they put that ad there because i wrote about my fairy garden? do you think if i start writing about jack white again, they'll put up an ad where you can buy a kiss from jack white?


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