kick ass

first it was the wedding singer. then it was no doubt. now it's reagan nostalgia. if you ask me, this whole '80s revival has gone far enough.

i am tired of people saying reagan ended communism. anyone who's been to eastern europe knows, communism ended communism.

read this now.

i need a new patriotism and tony pierce is articulating it beautifully, even though he spells mediocrity wrong.


tony said…
i spell everything wrong

but thanks for the love

you looked hot on monday (as always)
magma said…
A new patriotism. I feel that. And you know what I bet, with the internet, it'll come.

On a more cynical note, my favorite conspiracy theorist predicted Reagan would die before the elections. What were those hearings happening on Capitol Hill yesterday (maybe today too)? Something to do with the torture of Iraqi prisoners. I bet those hearings have something to do with all the Reagan hoo ha right now.

Dude was old, already.


kate said…
hmmm. i don't know. in a way reagan's death only makes bush 2 seem that much lamer by comparison, even though i'm not a fan.

thanks tony for saying that. i haven't slept in ten days because of the dog, and "hot" is definitely that last thing i feel right now. plus this fella i like told me he didn't like my new haircut. :(

oh well. i think it's sexy.
magma said…
Yeah, I agree about the perception that Reagan was more wholesome than Dubya.

KPFK isn't the most listenable station ever, but today I'm sure glad we're in America so it can exist. While NPR was witnessing Reagan's rites this afternoon, KPFK was interviewing the author of "The Halliburton Agenda: The Politics of Oil and Money". Then they talked about two class action suits filed today against the contractors involved in the Abu Gharib tortures, and then about how the Pentagon and the Justice Department seem to have sent a memo out awhile ago saying Bush was above the Geneva Conventions.

What's your hair like?

OK that's all.
Debbie said…
I can say this with all this god-awful cannonization of constitution-shredding-with-a-smile Reagan is: You Can Dance If You Want To... if you don't nobody will...

And I am just sick with the coverage and the whole goddamn country coming to a stand still. After the lies that got us into Iraq, I feel justified in my cynicism that those fuc-ers in the White House are just trying to get a bump off of this. Please oh please, stupid electorate, don't be fooled.

And isn't is just perfect that the stock exchange is having a day off to mourn his death. The few clips I stomached of the Gipper on CNN just totally brought back those "greed is good" images of young snarky men in red ties robbing our savings in loan while the welfare moms got shoved to the street.

Please oh please, let us not forget the horror of the 80's. My god... don't y'all remember FLORESCENT CLOTHES!?! That is no coincidence!!!

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