Thursday, July 08, 2004

couple a things

First: Do you listen to AM news traffic radio in L.A. like I do? KFWB 980 in particular? Yeah? Then maybe, like me, you're starting to get all hinky feeling from all those "eharmony dotcom" commercials with this creepy man going, "lota happy couple out there tonight thanks to eharmony dot com." It's so creepy.

Also, is anyone else tired of getting all janky feeling from all those creepy "On Star" commercials with live calls from people in car crashes and stuff? Life is stressful enough; I don't need to hear the real-life sound of human terror in a radio commercial every ten minutes.

I did not yet see Fahrenheit 911 but my 4th of July was literally the best I ever had.

Talk about fireworks.

I live in a neighborhood of crazy Mexican dudes, and they really went for it. And we had a perfect view from my patio. It was the most professional non-professional fireworks show I've ever seen.

Fireworks, starbursts and sparklers are everywhere in my mind.




kcarhart said...

I have not heard the eharmony ones but I do think the Onstar ones are weird... hello, I am a friend of Chris ZM., who since she got back from the Nexus thing has had a zealous gleam in her eye and has compelled me to write to you saying hello. Zombies! Do you know that Paul from the Zombies recently died? Which is sad, and it's also sad to know that all five of them played a benefit, early 03 or early 04? But Argent and Blunstone are working together which is interesting....... bye! here is my unspammable address k e v i n @ c a r h a r t . c o m

Will said...

The e-harmony radio commercials are not nearly as creepy as the TV versions. I really don't need to be matched based on 20+ compatiabilty points with someone. Where's the fun in that. Just get to know someone says me.

Basketball Is Life said...

OK- by far, the most annoying advert is that STUPID Robbins Bros. jewelry store commercial with the "real-life" couple talking about how the whole proposal thing went down. and if that wasn't enough, the dude says in a really.. strange.. odd way, "my wife is verrry happy" that makes him sound, no offense to retarded people, retarded.
usually on KFI am.. all their ads are weird.

kate said...

what's weird is that i'm actually not annoyed, but actually charmed, by the "sleep n save" or "sit n sleep" or whatever ads with the guy who keeps saying the word "FREE!" in a really high-pitched voice.