Monday, July 19, 2004

good people

maybe it's the beer. maybe it's the pms.

(and by the way, on my show i discovered this amazing mary j. blige song called "pms," which includes the following lyrics:

i'm down and out in depression.

i think the worst of everything.

my lower back is aching, and my clothes don't fit.


ain't that a bitch.)

anyway, maybe it's that stuff, or maybe it's the impending National Crisis--can you feel it coming? i feel it in my bones like disease.

but tonight, i just want to take every single lovely person i've ever known into my arms and hug them good and tight, till they squeak.

i wish to ask the universe to consider them the next time the gods are giving out the extra lovin', the surplus good luck, the unforeseen windfalls, the happiness and health, the moments of perfection, the dreams fulfilled and the wounds healed.


Tecumseh said...

I read this post in original form, and was incredibly moved… not that I knew the persons to whom you were referring, but it was beautiful nonetheless. I wished that I could write such compassionate, gutsy tributes to the people in my life. Don’t let those twinges of day-after writer’s regret press you towards the delete key.

I love your show, “likes” and all…

Instapi said...

a group hug under the Los Angels purple sky!