can you live without this? you can? i can't.

Top 13 reasons I love The OC, or, "Anaheed, you were so right!"

1. you know how on normal soaps, no one ever watches tv? on the OC, people watch TV all the time... and they do it with the same glazed look normal people have when they watch tv.

2. summer's favorite show is a teen drama called "the valley" about a kid who just doesn't fit in in tarzana. "The valley"'s season-one dvd came out the same week as "the OC"'s, and she made her new bf watch it.

3. you know how in real life no one ever goes over to someone's house to talk about things, they just call each other or email? on the OC, people ALWAYS go to each other's houses, or meet at some picturesque spot on the balboa boardwalk. it's fake but makes for great tv.

4. seth cohen stops eating and sleeping when he's obsessing over his ex, summer. he embarrasses himself horribly in front of her. and when he found out she and her new guy hadn't had sex yet, he got a beatific look, spread his arms wide and laid back on his bed in satisfied silence.

5. summer and seth's relationship rings true to me.

6. we never see summer's parents. they're like parents on the peanuts. it's actually a joke.

7. the parents are even more fucked up than the kids, which is a sad truth we never see reflected on tv.

8. marissa, the main female character, is a bit of a drunk. as much as i loved "bev 90210," they never dared make a main character that complex. marissa is complex, and she drinks for plausible reasons: she has utterly dreadful parents.

9. summer is still in love with seth, but she is a realist and does not stand for any self-indulgent nonsense that hurts her heart. she moves on as best she can, making seth suffer in a medicinal way.

10. white people are rarely cool enough to generate pop cultual fun such as catchphrases. "the oc" generated the phrase "the oc," which even people in oc now use.

11. bev never dared to make a main character gay. marissa is in a lesbian relationship now. the scene tonight when she told her best friend, summer, was so sweet and real. and the actress who plays her love interest really looks at her with genuine lust.

12. like a real normal neurotic creative kid, seth is so obsessed with his own romantic tragedies that he is completely totally oblivious to anything going on outside himself, including his parents' recent marital troubles.

13. marissa reads MOJO.

there are more reasons, such as the show's infatuation with comic books; or the marvelously nuanced relationship between seth's parents; or its complex take on the worst kind of oc greed and corruption. (dig that dude who just got indicted for fraud today! straight outta the oc!)

(the show is probably best known for its indie rock soundtrack; and while it's great they promote independent, unknown musicians, I actually i think the music could use some work.)

anyway. the show is made with as much care and attention to detail as the simpsons or, heck, MOJO magazine. knowing what that means, and what it requires, and knowing how few tv shows do that, makes my heart go out to them. i honestly don't know how they do it every week.



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