Tuesday, February 22, 2005

disturbing email today from paul mccartney... he's going to start selling some of his solo catalogue to commercials... i am confused about this: why make an announcement? why not just do it?

and why do it in the first place?

i thought one of the rewards of becoming rich was not having to warholinate your art.

i fear he may think this is the only way young people will come to know his music. why this man has any insecurities about music at this point is one of the seven sad mysteries.

just because all the young people are doing it doesn't mean it's good. and they're just doing it for exposure and/or money, neither of which paul needs.

oh, paul.

i have spent the past month listening almost exclusively to ram and red rose speedway.

i just read ozzy saying he's been spending qt with mccartney (the first solo one; awesome... 'ooo you!')

and he just played the superbowl.

how can paul be insecure?

oh, PAUL!

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