Tuesday, February 08, 2005

hey beautiful

i got a new job, as editor of the LA Weekly music section. i can't talk about it too much because A) i'm too busy doing it to talk about it and B) i got a fortune cookie that said "speak less of your goals, you will accomplish more of them."

this has to do with the physics of work. remember when i was doing my radio show? no? well, that's because i never blogged about it when i was doing it or getting ready to do it. same deal.

same with boys; you don't speak of such things at the beginning.

anyway i'm tickled pink about it and having fun. plus, my office is awesome. i have a window overlooking a really seedy stretch of sunset blvd. with an old prostitute motel across the street that they have to turn into a historical landmark. and the old "tired showgirls"--my nickname for those long tall skinny palmtrees that always list toward the west... reaching toward sunset. i got a whole row of em out there in the sky.

got to run



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