Friday, April 18, 2008

Happy Friday!

Sorry for not writing this week. I have a lot of garden news to share, mainly concerning the very fun activity of Planning My Summer Edible Garden Wonderland.

I attended a workshop at Homegrown on how to plan a series of raised beds for flowers and edibles. The main exciting thing was learning that I can use straight compost instead of soil, and skip buying soil by the bag at Home Depot for four thousand dollars. Marta, the woman who runs Homegrown, gave us a source for some truly badass compost you buy by the trash bag.

Marta also said it's perfectly fine, and even preferable, to hand-water rather than install a drip system. This was also a huge relief, as I love hand-watering and am not keen on spending a whole weekend attaching tiny tubes to tiny clips and whatnot.

What was a little troubling was that apparently the soaker hoses I've been using--those black ones made out of old tires--are not food safe. Oops!

Most of all, I loved spending time with some other garden geeks in a beautiful backyard in Mount Washington, one of L.A.'s more magical neighborhoods. 


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Debbie said...

Hey Baby doll. I love your dad's poem. I want to eat it up. I'm planning my summer vacation. I'll let you know dates of upcoming sin soon. Love , Flapjack