Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Happy Urf Day!

Hi, Wiggle Worms:

Happy Earth Day! Today is my personal best Earth Day ever, and it's also my earthiest, because today I got a "crapload" of badass compost from Mr. Tim Dundon of Altadena, for a song. Marta Teegan of Homegrown put me in touch with him. 

Mr. Tim Dundon has a miniature jungle full of exotic fowl, including a Polish rooster named Rod Stewart, for obvious reasons. Rod Stewart was a little camera-shy, but here is a photo that looks like him.

"Yes, I really am this cool."

My favorite was the crested duck, though. Here is what it looks like as a baby. Can you say OMG CUTE?

"Oh my! I think I'll take a walk."

Mr. Tim Dundon also has a huge compost pile made of fresh wood shavings scraped from the floor of a high-end horse stable. His compost is THE SHIT, if you know what I mean. I will provide his phone number if you leave a comment. He doesn't like to be paid for his compost, but I gave him as much money as he would take. He really just wanted me to spread the word about the magic of gardening. He was full of poetic turns of phrase, such as "The garden is the altar on which we worship God" and things of this nature. 

Mr. Tim Dundon takes a dim view of organized religion, Catholicism in particular. He said that instead of a Popemobile, he drives a big old truck called a Poopmobile.

He also takes a dim view of capitalism. He likes to practice what he calls Crapitalism.

Things of this nature.

I am going out side to pour this happy horsheshit into my raised beds, and sink a bunch of tomatoes, cukes, zukes, bell peppers, strawberries et al.

From the bottom of my soil, Happy Earth Day to you and yours.



Debbie said...

D'oh... they are so cute! I love the rooster. In fact I love any bird that has feathers wher they taint supposed to be. A pidgeon with feathers covering it's feet... laugh riot. But that rooster, pure unadulterated wackiness. Thank you Nature!

KarenXiang said...

Ha ha, I loved it too! Really hilarious!

Emily said...

I would love to get his number, so I can get some compost for my garden. Could you please email me at emsterp@gmail.com? Thanks so much! :)

Adam said...

I would love to get Mr. Dundon's number as my garden is expanding 10 fold this year and I have heard that he is the man when it comes to compost!!