Monday, April 21, 2008

Spring at Sunset Nursery

Hi, Strawberry!

I went to Sunset Nursery today and spent about an hour and a half choosing seeds and plants for my spring/summer veggie/fruit/flower fiesta. One time I saw Bianca Jagger at Sunset Nursery. This time I didn't see anyone from Studio 54. However, I noted that the variety of Blue Fescue I want to plant (Festuca ovina glauca) is called "Elijah Blue," which I can only assume is a tribute to Cher's son with Gregg Allman.

Elijah Blue

Elijah Blue

I'm super-psyched about everything I bought, especially the soy bean (edamame) plant. Edamame is such a treat and so expensive at the store.  Also super-psyched on three new strawberry plants that promise to bear fruit all summer. My strawberry experiment has been a rousing success so far, aside from the Aggravated Assault Incident, and I am now eager to live a full-blown Strawberry Lifestyle. I feel it is my destiny.

Ever so much more soon,


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Mighty Casey said...

hey there it is high school pal kristy
can ya email me a way to contact ya?
i sent a message and it bounced back
cheers to you and your garden