Monday, August 04, 2003

baby sugarpants

I just found out a band I'd never even heard of, with the best name ever, a band called the Exploding Hearts, who apparently wore pink and yellow, and white jeans, and played cool pop punk rock, well, they died in a van accident a week ago.

I don't know, but I just know that they would want new fans, even if those fans only heard about them cuz they'd died. It's sick but I know they would want me and you to like them and be their fans, even if they were dead. they died in a van, for Christ's sake; they wanted fans.

i don't know who you were, Exploding Hearts boys, and I just heard your music now, but I want to thank you for playing your pretty fun smart loving rock music, and for wearing white jeans, and for having the best name ever, and for rocking. it seems like you died while living your dream, so here's to you, beautifuls.

love, your new fan,


ps: nobody was wearing a seat belt except one lady who didn't die. so i think they should invent a kind of seat belt for rock bands sleeping in vans whose seats have been removed. Like some kind of thing attached to the side of the van or something. just so you don't get tossed out. of course, no one would ever use it. that sucks.

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