Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Great News!

I love the Stripes again. And now I can admit to myself that truly I loved them the whole dang time. I was just a little hurt, a little shocked, a little bent outta shape. Mostly confused and sad.

The way I felt love again was this: I discovered some wacky and disgusting pictures that saucy jack posted of his finger surgery. Careful! Gross!

When i saw the bone with the crack in it, and i saw how the bone lives inside the skin, and i thought about all the times and ways that bone has moved, and moved my heart, i felt the magic of the miracle of music again. from his bone to my soul, baby.

Nobody but a compellingly insane frontman posts something like that.

I'm so relieved.

I also discovered someone I love, and I have no idea who he or she is: this blog is everything my blog isn't: snappy, factual, up-to-the-minute and actually focused on rock music and L.A.

I also discovered that Katie Hall had a run-in with the Hiltons at the Bev Cen. She's funny as a three-armed monkey.

but just cuz i talk about love and music it doesn't mean it's real love and real music. that's something i just can't talk about. i don't even want to.


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