Sunday, August 10, 2003

hi french fried love chiggers

i just found out that the yucky harry potter herbs i drink for my tummy, the herbs i get from the chinese doctor, contain the key ingredient of "dragon bones." they come from china.

the doc says she doesn't really believe in dragons. she thinks they're fossil bones, maybe dinosaurs.

trip out, man.

i had a friend visiting all week, which was why i didn't blog. she was sleeping on the couch and it just wasn't blog-conducive.

today must be insanely hot. my house is always cool and shady and breezy, and even in here it feels arid and oveny. a good beach day, except i went to the beach friday. we went to malibu, to zuma. it reminded me of my old days writing for Spin and going surfing with this one rock star guy. that was so long ago. since i stopped writing for them, my contact-level with corporate radio stars has plummeted. on the one hand that sucks, because it's really fun to tell your girlfriends stories about hanging out with rock stars, even lousy ones. it seemed to make my friends happy, and i like to make them happy. on the other hand, i don't have to write articles anymore where i pretend bands are better than they are. i get to speak my mind now. everyone should be able to tell the truth. you shouldn't have to lie to earn a living.

the undertow at zuma was so strong they had a lifeguard in a boat watching the beach all day long. there were also cops scooting around on dune buggies looking for beer. those beach cops have the cherriest jobs in the lapd. my friends and i had our beer in a water bottle. we got kind of drunk, lying there on the sand.

i'm overloaded with work so i got to run. i am going to minneapolis thursday to work on my Top Secret Project and I have all kindsa shit to do before then. Plus, last night instead of working or sleeping I got high on Vicodin and sat outside under the pepper trees and watched my landlords build wooden stairs and move plants around and shit, and talked their ears off about multiple dimensions.

it was the best saturday night since---shit, at least since last saturday.



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