Monday, August 04, 2003

golden snitch of my heart:

this week i have a story i have to finish that i was supposed to have written months ago. i have never flaked on a story this way before and i don't plan to ever again. it's pure torture. it ruins everything. well, almost everything.

in any case, i prolly won't be able to blog much until it's done.

so a short update: saturday night i sort of accidentally had a housewarming party, my first gathering at my new place. it was supposed to be a very intimate board game party but it kind of almost turned into a party-party. if you invite five people to your house and they each bring one or two people, suddenly you have a party. it was tremendously fun. the party had three engines to keep it going: sangria; board games, and my friend "julio," who made it his job to be the life of the party and get the yahtzee madness going. julio never reads my blog but i want to thank him anyway for helping to make my party special. i also want to thank ben, who partied like a rock star and then jumped a plane to Salt Lake City.

i almost didn't have anyone over, because i thought, no one wants to come to my house, and no one wants to play board games, and i never throw decent parties, and it's going to suck. but julio said, we'll *make* it fun.

there's a lot of people i want to invite over to my house now that the first mini party went ok. so please don't think i'm a bitch for keeping the first one teeny.

now i really have to do this story.

oh yeah by the way: i watched "how to lose a guy blah blah" last night, the video they're trying to sell in all the supermarkets for some reason. they must have lost so much on that one at the box office they're trying to make it up in video. anyway, i thought it would be a good way to eat ice cream and be hung over on a sunday evening. instead it was the worst movie i've seen in two lightyears. it wasn't even worth the actually charming and funny parts. whatsername, goldie hawn's daughter, kate hudson--why did she take this stupid part in this dreadful movie? both her character and matthew mcannoyinghay play evil jerks. evil, evil people who talk like bad scriptwriting.



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