Friday, August 20, 2004


i am so fed up with britney right now i refuse to post a picture of her on my blog. but i did see the new people cover (or "us," or whatever the fuck) where she's posing with her thoroughly creepy BF and her little dog, and the headline is 'we're engaged!' i find it telling that she isn't touching the dude, but seems to be showing off the dog. the dog's getting all her love, really. you can see it. the dog's making her feel safe, the dog's got her heart, she trusts the dog; the dog knows the real girl.

this is the power of dogs.

i got to run.




tony said...

shes obviously trying to run away from her mother.

my question is why would nicky hilton get hitched?

kate said...

trying to run away from her sister?

Lincoln Matters said...

2 items:

1) You might enjoy the open letter to Britney in the back of GQ.

2) Pop Vultures is a great show. (I thought I was the only one who felt guilty listening to one band impersonate another more original but less listenable band.) The show now has a place in my heart, not to mention my blog. Good luck with it.