Sunday, August 29, 2004

the greek ideal

Body and Mind, together, all hot and shit.

And now: A Salute to my Olympic Heartthrobs!

Aaron Peirsol, swimming gold medalist!

Liu Xiang (left), golden hurdler, the first Chinese to win gold in track and field!

And Jordan Jovtchev, the Bulgarian Lord of the Rings!

I am sad, because the Olympics are over!

Aw, shucks!

During the closing ceremony, I was a puddly mess, moaning out loud repeatedly, it's so cool...

Could you believe the spiralling field of wheat representing infinity?

Could you believe it when that 10-year-old orphan girl leaned forward, blew a little puff of air, and the enormous Olympic torch went out?

Could you believe it when they did that special about the Olympics that were held in the Nazi prison camp during WWII? Could you believe the Nazis let them do it, and even saluted the Olympic flag?

Can you believe how cool people can be sometimes?

Here's to one of the best things about being human.

There was some really messed up stuff that went down with the judges, but the athletes were dreamy.

Thank you to all the athletes for being so beautiful.

And to Greece for kicking ass. I can really relate to a nation of perfectionistic procrastinators.

This was the best Olympics ever.




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Debbie said...

I know... I was totally tearrie eyed watching the closing ceremonies. I was cheering, screaming support and joy for the Brazilian marathoner. I gave him an ovation in my living room.

Now will you please post my goad-damed website on the side of your page, already. What am I?! Chopped liver?!?

love you, snoodles