Friday, August 06, 2004

a note

Someone left a shlumpy comment about the previous post, to which I say:

Please read more carefully. When I say "some men," I mean some men; I do not mean "all men." And if I ever say "all men," I will mean "all men."

I wish some people read more carefully.

But then again, I wish everyone wore white slacks and lipstick, too.

I'm going to see the Dodgers tonight!




Basketball Is Life said...

i should be un-shlumpy in my previous post. you only sounded eddie vedder'ish in that last post :)

while ur sheer venom and vile verbosity are pure, unique and quite satisfying- i have to say one thing about a post of urs about ... oh a week ago.

summertime is all about dumping the one you are sick of.

kate said...

nah, it wasn't you, it was somebody else... but anywayz, i DO kinda know what you mean about summer-dumping too. but let's be honest: it's way better to prepare for summer by dumping someone awful in advancem so your summer's totally clear.

Kevynn Malone said...

I like the word, shlumpy. shlumpyshlumpyshlumpy

Basketball Is Life said...

sounds a bit yiddishacup.. you meshuggina..
oh - and yogurt backwards is Tru Goy.