Thursday, August 05, 2004

yeah man

i sent paul loduca a thank-you card yesterday. i read an article where he's acting all tough-guy now, saying stuff like, i could care less about the dodgers; i just wanna kick their asses in two weeks...

it's funny how some men deal with stuff like rejection and grief. i mean, it's so transparent, so obvious he cares sooooo much. as he should.

but yes, he should be pissed, and he should want to kick their asses, and i hope he does.

it's funny how some men say the exact opposite of how they feel in the vain belief that people will buy it.

i used to think that people said how they feel. but they really don't. i don't know how we all get by without saying how we feel, but i know people who speak almost entirely in untruths--like this one girl who's a pathological liar. everything she says is truth turned inside out and slow-roasted on a spit in the fire of self-hatred. she's incredibly articulate---inside an upside-down world of insanity.

or this other guy i used to know who wasn't a liar per se, but who had sort of hand-built this gerry-rigged persona from his own bones and blood and shards of painful memory. he wore this identity much like a gorilla suit to hide and protect himself from the world, but i suspect it got awful stuffy in there.

but that's got nothing to do with paul loduca.


Basketball Is Life said...

you're sounding like an Eddie Vedder song...

kate said...

don't call me daughter!


Cole Kenny said...

If all men are that way, and Paul Loduca is a man, then it is about Paul Loduca, isn't it?

I don't know. I hardly ever went to that logic class.