Saturday, October 09, 2004

Gather round, Secret Agents:

It's Saturday and stuff. Someone from a small paper in Duluth just interviewed me about Pop Vultures. That was fun. It always feels weird talking about what you're doing. You have to figure out how to talk about it without feeling hinky.

I love Duluth. It's so beautiful and magical and weird.

Anyway, I really want to encourage any Southern Californians who want to hear my show, or just make me happy, to email KCRW NOW. This is the time. Now. They have an open ear and need a little encouragement. It is really easy. All you have to do is say something like, "Dear KCRW: Please play Pop Vultures. Love, Mike." Or you could give details, like,"This show is special. I heard it in (wherever) or on XM or on the Internet and I want to hear it in my howetown. Love, Mildred" You could say other stuff too.

Or just the one sentence.

You can email them at

On their website there are also specific emails for specific staffers, and I encourage you to contact them, too.

Do not be shy. I am always shy, too. If you wanted you could make up a fake name.

Now, I have to go out and get a little Saturday, before the game starts!

love always,


PS: I made a prediction weeks ago the Dodgers would go far, but only as far as the Cardinals would let them. I love them, but they are an inferior team to the Cardinals. And that's just reality. Before the trades, they were inferior but supremely magical. Now, well...

No one will be happier than me if I'm proven wrong.

So go out you motherfuckers and play like you've got nothing to lose, because you don't.

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