Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Hi Fruit Loops!

Faithful reader Cara Mia commented about trying to get Pop Vultures on the air in New York. Cara, you are not the only New Yorker wanting a little PV-love at home.

Thank you, Cara!

The first place to email is WFUV:


The appropriate people to contact are Rita Houston, Russ Borris, and Chuck Singleton.

The second place to contact is WNYC. Good people to email are Stacy Abramson and Laura Walker:


I would emphasize that you are a longtime public radio listener, and that you heard the show on the internet and from a friend in Minneapolis who raved about it, and you're desperate for it, and it would give you even more motivation to subscribe to your local station!

Thank you so goddamn much.

Please, any other readers: If you want to do the same but don't know who to contact, just leave a comment letting me know where you are, or "Where You At," as that dreadful horrible hiphop sellout cell phone commercial says.

Love forever,

your Kate

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