Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Pretty Plastic People of the Universe:

Everyone talks about how amazing Christopher Reeve was as a person, and that's great. But, since no one else is gonna say it, I'm gonna say it.

Dude was hot. Outrageously, dangerously, blindingly hot. So hot I never forgot.

When Superman came out, I experienced feelings which should have been biologically impossible for a prepubescent. And the aching--o!--the aching. And the longing.

Saw it recently; nothing had changed.

I never knew, and still don't--in cartoons or in real life--which was more enticing: The painful smart-boy shy nerd writer in glasses; or the, you know, superhero. Alone, either one wouldn't satisfy; together, they unlock everything.

A girl cannot resist the glam rock appeal of the superhero. Nor should she.

I guess it's the female neurotic version of the madonna/whore complex.

It's the Superman/nerd complex.

Dualism is a wonderful thing.

This, however, is how I want to remember him. Yeah.


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