Thursday, October 07, 2004

Lovely lovers:

Short and stuff. Sorry!

I am so happy right now about the whole baseball thing. I don't watch a lot of TV, but I have found recently that I like to have at least one thing on TV through which to engage with the American people. Half the year it's American Idol. Half the year it's baseball. These are acceptable forms of entertainment, as they both involve suspense, a unifying sense of group-experience, and a larger dramatic arc that unfolds over the course of months. These provide me with a comforting sense of ritual in my solitary domestic life. They are my buddies, if you will. In the sense that they engage the imaginations of a large group, and make us feel connected, I would even say these entertainments are the closest TV can get to the unique power of radio.

Go Dodgers!

(Go Angels, too.)

(But not too far.)

(And go Twins.)

I never told you about my whole visionquest. I really did go to the Alamo. Maybe at some point I will have recovered my joy enough to describe to you the whole experience.

love forever,


ps: John Edwards is just plain lovely.

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