Sunday, December 19, 2004

I love letters from Vultures! And now that the show website isn't exactly active, there's nowhere for me to share them with the other Vultures, especially the ones who worked on the show. So what the heck, here's a couple of the better ones I got last week.

Oh yeah, by the way, can you guess whose quote is at the top of the page? I'll tell you at the end. I saw this person in concert last night.

(Also I like this quote from Pink. "I love life and I love myself and I'm on a mission." You said it, sister!)



You've probably moved on from this tragedy and are concocting your

next plan for world domination, but I'm still moving through

Denial/Anger/Bargaining/Guilt and am not yet on the road to


A big thumbs up on developing your voice, creating something very

fucking cool, and creating something that brings people you don't know

great joy. Thanks.

Fuck. I'm pissed off--thank you for creating something that when

withdrawn makes me pissed off.

Yours truly,


Mark: Thank you! I want to tell you that this show was a collaborative effort by many people and we all put our hearts into it.





Ever since I first heard your show on OutKast i have been hooked. Laughing and rejoicing that you dare to put a show on like this. I am beyond sad, sad isn't a word that can describe how I feel about this. Sad is how you feel when a sports team loses some big game (so i'm told) or a girl/boy dumps you and you're left with tickets to a show that create a dilemma. This is an emotion like when you expect to sit on your porch watching the sunset for the rest of your life and someone steals the sun or puts a giant townhouse in front of it. Or you pass someone on the street and you exchange smiles and in that moment you imagine your life with that person and before you can act they are gone. I just don't know how better to say it. I know there will be a backlash and you will revive. Let me know how I can help!!! Thanks for making life better,



I'm unspeechified!



OK, so the quote above is from Marilyn Manson.

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