Sunday, December 12, 2004

I'm still in love with Sea of Angels even though she hasn't written much lately, which is her right, of course. She also went to Vegas for her birthday, just like me.

Did I tell you about my Vegas birthday? I don't remember.

Well, here's what I figured out on my Vegas birthday--which, by the way, was spent mostly at the tall place off the Strip where they hold Celebrity Poker, and the family that owns the place has a very funny name... (Mooli-woolian?) And, oh yeah, the Venetian.

Anyway, what I figured out was that, for me anyway (and I know things are different for Howard Stern), I don't go to Vegas to do anything. I don't go there to gamble, to sunbathe, to eat or even necessarily to get wasted. I certainly don't go there to get laid. I don't go there for shows, comedians, music or anything. I have never even stayed in one of the hotels on the Strip.

I go to Vegas because it makes me feel special just to be there. Anywhere there.

Now that I have realized this, all the pressure is off as far as activities. It doesn't matter what I do because it's all fun.

I feel that way about New York City, too. I feel so special when I'm there. Everything there is special. The funnest thing to do is to walk from Times Square to Greenwich Village. You watch the streets get smaller and more tangled as you go south. Cobblestones, too.

I used to want to live in New York. I had it all planned out. But I lived in Europe instead. So I got cobblestones up the butt and all the corner magazine stands you could stick up your nose. And now I'm not so sure I want to live in New York. It sounds great, but I think it may be like having a crush on a rock musician. As much as they may jazz you from a distance, it doesn't mean you're gonna click as people, in the real world. (Like in "Almost Famous," when they make the distinction between "real life" and road life.) L.A. is real life to me, and it feels like home, day in and day out, and I always hate to leave and love coming home.

But who knows? That could change.

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