Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Yeah man, so... what can I say? Digging the summer-autumn weather so bad. About to go to court to go to traffic school. I feel sad whenever I go to the metropolitan courthouse on Hill St. downtown, because it reminds me how poor our infrastructure is here, in one of the richest cities in the country. it reminds me exactly of the shabby buildings on the edges of Prague--like the panelaks and the interpol building that stood across the street from my panelak in kobylisy. that interpol building was so crappy.

(panelaks, you know, the commie housing.)

the street was called strelnicna, which means something about a "shooting range," which was extra creepy (have I told this story?) because in my panelak development, hidden in the middle, was a place where the Nazis had killed resistors. golly it was creepy. there was a moument there with a cross wrapped in barbed wire, as i recall.

doug can u refresh my memory?

i feel certain i've told this story.

well I just spent a half-hour looking at maps of kobylisy and must go to court. but one more thing.

i just saw a truly great film related to this. it is about terezin, the bizarre and freakish nazi camp north of prague, a supposed "bohemian" paradise of theater, art and music. The movie is called "prisoner of paradise," and it's about the jewish berliner film director/prisoner who was asked/forced to make a propaganda film about terezin. they were going to use it as propaganda for neutral countries and stuff, to prove how humane and idealistic they were.

i can't tell you how surreal it is. rod serling might have imagined this story in his darkest hour. but it's such a beautifully made film. i have it on video if anyone wants to see it.



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